Modern students are intensely overwhelmed with academic assignments and have to deal with those on time if they want to graduate. It is a reality, and it has nothing to do with the image of students created by Hollywood movies. If you want to understand a student, you need to know how it feels to work about 60 hours per week and to have to deal with the enormous amount of assignments all at the same time. It is a no brainer that sometimes students need some extra help and them writing services come into the scene. Every student wants to buy an essay or research paper from a professional writing service at affordable prices. We can help you choose among all the offers in the market. Pay attention to the following factors when you need to get a well-thought-out essay on time. 


You should receive answers immediately after you ask them. Of course, we don’t mean 15 seconds later, but it shouldn't take a writing service 5 hours to come back to you. Lot’s of agencies claim to work 24/7, but the reality is different. Often, they just mean that they can accept your order through an order form around-the-clock, but they won’t actually work on it or answer questions beyond standard business hours. You need to be sure that you can address the assigned writer and support team member both at 2 pm and 2 am. Especially when it comes to urgent orders. Don’t hesitate to ask many questions in the very beginning and track the reactions support team member gives. 

Fair Pricing Policy and Affordability

The market is big and competitive which mean services should be affordable. Of course, affordability is a subtle matter, but you should check whether service stays within the “average” rate or gets too high or lower beyond it. You don’t want to overpay, but you also should understand that suspiciously cheap papers will be most probably of very low quality or plagiarized. You need to check whether the pricing policy is fair. It depends on three fundamental factors — the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages and your year of education. The proximity of the deadline is a critical factor, but the price for the same order 10 days before the deadline and 3 days before the submission date should not differ 5 times. 

Professional Writers

It is good if a service is eager to show you samples of the writer’s work. Most services don’t do it free of charge, but it costs just several dollars, and if you stumble upon such option we strongly recommend to use it. You will be able to assess the level of writer potentially assigned to deal with your task. Also, read more about the hiring process employed by the particular service. Affordability matters too. The best writers work for the agencies with average prices. Too low rates are not attractive, and services with exaggerated prices can’t boast with sufficient flow of orders, especially during the low seasons. Of course, you can’t fully assess the professional level of writers, but don't give up on it, try looking for at least some information you can verify. 

Recommendations and Testimonials

It is only logical to address writing services recommended by your friend, as personal experience is the most valuable one. However, you should be careful with recommendations and testimonials online. Many of them are prepaid — both positive and negative ones. Services promote themselves with such testimonials and other services try to destroy the reputation of their rivals. Finally, it is a very competitive market, as we’ve mentioned before. Don’t get too suspicious or anxious, just use your critical thinking to the fullest. 


Guarantees protect you, they describe your rights and service obligations. Read them very carefully, you might need to address them when resolving some unpleasant issue with support service. Look for companies offering the following set of guarantees: Money-Back Guarantee (in case they violate the deadline or the quality of the final draft happens to be truly low), Free Revisions (mostly, you have 7 days to claim a revision request free of charge), Confidentiality (it goes without saying that you want your communication with the agency to stay secured, not disclosed to the third parties), Timely Delivery and Plagiarism-Free Guarantee. 

Payment Options

Offered payment options should be secure, recognized and confidential. We recommend being suspicious about agencies that provide too many shady payment options and methods you’ve never used or even heard about. 

Progressive Delivery

This option is applicable for expended orders, so if you need to order a research paper or dissertation, make sure that the company you address gives you an opportunity to pay in installments and receive your paper part by part. This way you will keep everything under control and use your budget wiser. 

Of course, it is not obligatory for a professional writing service to answer all these 7 demands, but the rate should not be less than 5 out of 7. You, yourself, should define what is most important for you and check on it. If you find a writing agency that satisfies your needs, you can trust it, you like the way they do business, stay with this service, don’t look further. You can get good discounts (up to 15%) ordering from the same service and you can ask for the same writer to be assigned to deal with your writing tasks. There are benefits in being a loyal client, and we recommend to use them all. 

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