Instagram API upgraded to Facebook Graph

The Instagram API has been recently upgraded to Facebook’s Graph API that brings the new features and (hopefully) less Bieber nudes.

Following the upgrade, developers can utilize the existing Graph API SDKs and monitor activity using its dashboards. Developers also have access to Facebook’s technical support.

The newly updated Instagram Graph API now provides businesses on the platform to see more information about the performance of their organic content via third-party tools. Comment moderation features have been expanded to allow the hiding of comments or switching them off altogether.

In order to access the new features, a business profile is required. The Users will also be required to provide their Facebook login for the necessary permissions a third-party tool will need.

Developers do not have to make any changes to their code to support the new Instagram Graph API — it will be upgraded automatically.

Instagram's Leaky API

The previously used Instagram’s API were blamed for several instances of users’ details and also photos being leaked. Last week, the Facebook-owned company admitted a bug (which has now been patched) allowed one or more attackers to view users’ profile data including their email address and phone number.

Victims have since been notified and a notice to users says the malicious activity “was targeted at high-profile users.” The company recommends extra vigilance, especially in the case of incoming calls, texts, and emails, which could be used for phishing attacks.

Celebrity actor, Selena Gomez, recently had her Instagram account hacked which resulted in the leak of nude Justin Bieber photos. It’s likely the API bug was used to retrieve Gomez’s details for a phishing attack which allowed the hacker to access her account.

The new upgraded version of Instagram Graph API is a little more secure. Hopefully

Documentation for the Instagram Graph API is available here.

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  Modified On Jul-12-2018 07:22:27 PM

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