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From Preparation with ExamSnap to CompTIA A+ Certification and Career of IT Technician

Looking for ways to showcase your in-depth knowledge and skills as an IT technician? More often than not, education and work experience are not enough to give you that coveted nod from the employers―but CompTIA A+ certification does. Whether you are

Facebook Will Launch its Crypto Currency Global Coin Next Year

The name of Facebook Crypto Currency is ‘’Global Coin”. This Crypto Currency would be worked with a new digital payment system.

Utilizing Facebook to Get Leads

Have you ever thought about using Facebook to obtain cause your products or websites? Have you tried created leads and fallen short?

"Edgerank" ALGORITHM on Facebook

Do you ever think about it with yourself why you always see status updates and posts by your best friend but never posts from some other Facebook friends?

How To Use Social Networks To Sell More At Christmas

December is just around the corner and strategies for selling more at Christmas are at full throttle. As we had hoped, many physical and online stores are investing heavily in e-commerce and in the dissemination of their products.

Instagram API upgraded to Facebook Graph

The Instagram API has been recently upgraded to Facebook’s Graph API that brings the new features and (hopefully) less Bieber nudes.

How to create a Facebook pixel and add it your website

Now that you know what you can track, and why you would want to do so, it’s time to create your pixel and put it to work on your website.