Difference between online learning and distance learning

Difference between online learning and distance learning

Distance learning is the best form of learning for the ones who want to study remotely or for the ones who are doing part-time jobs.

Ideas for Effective Questioning In the Classroom

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5 Tips for Better Classroom Management

In the world of teaching, you can’t be regarded as a good teacher unless you have the ability to control your class. Apart from higher education and experience, classroom management happens to be one of the most important qualities of a good teacher

Top three Linksys WiFi Range Extenders recommended to buy now

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Final class and method in PHP

In our previous section, of inheritance we have seen how derived class (or child class) inherits the function or methods of base class (or parent class). There can be a situation where you want to prevent a class from being inherited.

Class Concepts in Java: Declaring Methods

Our Point class declared here contains only fields. Now, we will add a method to the Point class which will help us understand the method declaration and calling syntax.

Inheritance in Java: Why Inheritance?

IntroductionOne of the major benefits of object-oriented programming is code reuse. Programmers develop lot of code over time. If this code can be reu

Exception Handling in Java: Error Types

When a running Java application fails, it creates an exception object encapsulating the error condition and throws it back to the running code. The ex

Nested Classes in Java: Anonymous Classes

A local class without a name is called an anonymous class. If we need only a single instance of a local class, we will create an anonymous class. Typically, a local class has a name and thus a declaration.