Reasons Why I Am Not a Macoholic

There is no two ways about it. If it comes to our collective decades-long love affair with Apple, the bloom is off the rose and the water from the v

A Few Common Battery Issues in MacBook and their solutions

If you are nearby a wall outlet, then when your MacBook displays the notification that "You are now running on reserve battery power." and that you need to plug it to a power outlet it does not really make you frustrated.

Apple IPad Mini & IPad Air Specs

Apple IPad Mini Full Specification: It is equipped with the entry-level 9.7-inch elegant display and playing with first-gen apple pencil. I know you

The watch you have been craving for…….!

Series 4 has loads of things like the health sensors, fitness application, BMI monitoring, boarding alerts, and an upgraded artificial intelligence which will definitely make you fall for it.