How VMware helps Businesses Deliver Faster Services

Every successful digital business requires a secure and flexible digital foundation. This enables you to provide any app to any device with the help of any cloud. With Vmware, every cloud, networking, mobility, and security solutions can accelerate every business transition into a digital business without disturbing the current operations.

What is VMware?

VMware is a software company which provides system virtualization and cloud computing services. Its software enables users to create many virtual computer systems on a single server or computer.

VMware needs a computer which can be used as a host to manage other virtual computer systems. It virtualizes various hardware components like network adapters, video cards, and hard drives. Businesses make use of VMware to setup multiple server systems instead of buying individual hardware components for each of them.

VMware supports businesses with digital foundation

The question arises that, how can businesses achieve desired outcomes while managing risks and maintaining stable, efficient operations?

This is where VMware comes into picture, with the help of their inter-operable mobility, cloud and security solutions, you can create a digital foundation. This secure, flexible foundation enables you to quickly respond to new possibilities and threats.

  • Digital foundations can help you in getting most out of existing investments, while making you achieve command over emerging technologies.
  • Taking the help of digital foundations can help you to build cyber resilience with the support of software defined approach to networking and security.
  • Allow employees to perform better in their work and transform experiences of customers through a secure digital work-space.

Extracting the value of technology

To help you move to cloud operating model, you can make use of virtualization which is already present within your data center. VMware’s data center advancement solutions help improve the efficiency and power of computer virtualization to networking and software. It also helps you leverage hardware that is managed with tools already present and skill sets to create a software defined private cloud.

How VMware helps Businesses Deliver Faster Services


Below are some of the businesses which make use of VMware services:

Airtel utilizes VMware to improve their network services:

Building modern Infrastructure to Retain Competitive Lead

Airtel is the leader in the Indian telecom space and has been the best service provider for decades. But with rising competition in the telecom field and rapidly changing technology, disturbances started to begin according to the market scenario in recent years. So, the organization has decides to upgrade its existing infrastructure to regain its competitive edge and be future ready.

Needs of the business:

  • Upgrade the IT infrastructure to address current customer demands and in the future.
  • Reorganize network automation tools to be more agile.
  • Improve efficiency and network speed to meet increased requirements of the customers.


  • New improved cloud infrastructure, “MYcloud” redesign brings network, storage and computational needs together.
  • Smarter storage planning and analytics optimizes network resource management.
  • Integrated network provisioning enhances infrastructure security from outside attacks.

BookMyShow utilizes VMware to improve services for its mobile application :

The challenge:

BookMyShow which is a leader in entertainment field with its mobile application providing booking system for movie tickets. It had a need to upscale its IT infrastructure to enhance functionalities of mobile application and make everything future ready to address transaction volume spikes. To overcome this problem, there was a need to improve its data center, to build a high performance, scalable and highly available infrastructure.


BookMyShow choose VMware as a solution to modernize its IT infrastructure to improve customer experience. To maintain a virtualized server environment for high availability, performance and efficiency BookMyShow had to make use of VMware vSphere. And with VMware vRealize suite, an integrated dashboard was created to centrally manage the infrastructure was enabled.

On the other hand, VMware Virtual SAN ensured distributed data storage defined by the software, which helped the organization to Scale up and down depending on the amount of transactions. Lastly, VMware vCenter ensured management of hosts and virtual servers centrally.

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