Joe Biden disclosed a pact with internet companies to reduce prices for lower-income Americans

Joe Biden disclosed a pact with internet companies to reduce prices for lower-income Americans

President Joe Biden’s administration of America announced on Monday that 20 companies have agreed to provide discounted services to low-income Americans. As per the information, the step taken by the Biden’s Administration will help the millions of people with free services through an already existing subsidy federal.


  • The affordable connection strength provides discounted internet access
  • 20 Internet companies signed an agreement to provide discounted internet services
  • These internet providers covered more than 80 percent of the US area

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For the low-Income Americans, Internet Providers companies had agreed to provide discounted Internet service. The information about the discounted internet service providing platforms has signed an agreement with the President of the US, Joe Biden. The administration of the president announced the information on Monday.

20 Internet Providing companies have agreed to offer cheap internet service for the Low- Income Americans. Last year, Congress passed a package of $ 1 trillion (Rs. 77, 37, 100 crores) for infrastructure. The package includes $ 14.4 billion for an affordable connectivity program under which $ 30 as subsidies and $75 in tribal areas on Internet service for millions of low-income households.

 While organizing an event honoring the National Teacher of the year in the White House, the Democratic President said over the matter “If we don’t know it before, we know how: high-speed Internet is essential.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the President, and Vice President were scheduled for a meeting with telecom executives and members of congress, and some other members related to the telecom technologies to discuss the ways of providing high-speed Internet for low-income households.

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Sanjay Goenka

Sanjay Goenka

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