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US Space Force requests $60 million for space operations

Space Force budget includes $60 million for "tactically responsive space" The Space Force budget proposes $30 million for strategically responsive space between

Samsung launches smartphones with two-way satellite communication.

Samsung has announced that it has developed a new 5G NTN technology that enables two-way communication between smartphones and satellites. - SamMobile

Apple Watch bands may in the future change colour depending on your clothing.

Instead of purchasing multiple Watch bands to match different outfits, "Watch Band With Adjustable Colour" suggests that users purchase just one that changes co

Microsoft Teams will get significant performance enhancements next month.

Microsoft is working on a new Microsoft Teams app that dramatically improves performance on laptops and PCs. The new Teams app will be available in preview init

ChatGPT ignites a "gold rush" in artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly present in everyday life for decades, but OpenAI's ChatGPT marked a turning point .

Apple's new HomePod sounds very similar to the original

Apple makes the most recent HomePod smart speaker. The design and audio quality of the $299 HomePod are well-known. But not much has altered.

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Grabs and Throws Like a Human

Boston Dynamics' latest Atlas Robot's humanoid abilities are shown in a YouTube video. Atlas smoothly moves and handles objects in the movie.