The packaging industry is bringing innovation day by day. Industrialist not only focuses on the material but also on the designing of the package. This not only allows the safe delivery of the product to the final destination but also help in the improved sale of the product. Just like other industries bakeries are also focusing on the packaging stuff. The cake is an important item of the bakery and its packing require proper care and consideration. This is because of this delicate item is not packed properly then it will lose its structure, as well as freshness.

In order to keep the cake fresh, tasty and to improve the market of the brand bakers now use the specially customized cake boxes. The use of multiple color boxes, special themes, and designs to bring festivity in the packaging stuff. some of the unique design that we observe these days for packing of the cake is

Custom Cake Boxes- A Unique Packaging Solution

Use Of 3D Printing And Layout

One of the basic new styles we see on the bakery boxes is the use of the 3D printing. The type of art is not only common on the dresses and painting frames rather we observe this type of creativity on the packaging box. The box with 3D graphics or image definitely seeks the attention of the consumer. Even some plastic custom cake boxes come with the 3D images. Most bakers now design the 3D special customized cake and then pack in the box containing the same graphic. For example, if the cake is the customized in the car form depicting the image of the car from the 3D animated car movie then the box will be having the same image as well as the color scheme.

Another fascinating printed cake boxes we see in the baker's shop is the presence of the 3D embossed or engraved images. For example, a box having butterfly images. If we see the box then it seems the original butterflies are sitting on the box. While in reality, it's just an image.

Special Box Style

Bakers are now using the special style boxes rather than using the traditional square cardboard boxes. The special custom cake packaging made of different designs. For example, the square box containing a circular window on the corner of the box. Another inspiring style we see is the use of the square box on which a small cardboard cake is pasted on the top lid of the box. The tuck top boxes are also replaced with the two-piece boxes. In this type, the base is made of the cardboard base while the lid is made of the plastic cover or lid.

Decoration Of The Cake Boxes

The Printed Cake Boxes are now decorated in a special way. The customized cake boxes are decorated with special decorative items. Bakers have many things to give the Custom Printed Cake Boxes the unique look. The use of special stickers according to the even. Cover it with special wrapping sheets along with to add glamour on the box they tie some ribbons.

In a similar way, there is a trend of hanging a tag on the box with some special phrase. The tag is totally handmade that add a charm to the box.

Customized Printing

The bakers also facilitate their customers by providing customized printing. For example, in the birthday cake box, they provide the printing of the photo of the birthday boy or the girl. Along with the box containing the name of the kid, contact info and the wish in bold letters. Isn't it a good way to present a gift to your child? In a similar way, the wedding cake box contains a picture of the wedding couple. There are a lot of ways to decorate the boxes. The bakers order the Wholesale Cake Boxes that are plain and contain no printing on it. When they take the order, they show the client various designs and take the image that has to be printed on the box. After that, they send that plain box for printing and give it a fabulous look according to the customer demand.

Custom Cake Boxes- A Unique Packaging Solution

Boxes With Handle

This is an appealing Cake Box, a style that is in trend these days. Mainly Kraft paper is used to give it a shape of the box. The box looks just like a gable box. The bakers decorate the box by pasting the stars or the polka dots on the box to give it an inspiring look. Some bakers provide these boxes an enchanting effect by making the 3D paintings with hands. Although it is expensive people want to pay to give the gift box to someone special. The hand panted boxes with handles having the tag or some key chain hanging give it a perfect cake gift box appeal.

There is a number of bakeries that provide a complete customized cake packaging. Even if you want to keep the small cakes or pastries as the party favor you can get the Custom Cake Boxes Wholesale and to keep them cost effective. You can provide to the printing agent or directly to the bakers who will provide the printed custom cakeboxes wholesale in the required design and the style. In this way, you can keep these special cake boxes in your party and make your event memorable.

These days customization is in trend these days. People love to buy things that are unique and innovative. Therefore, the bakers also prefer to sell their cake in special custom boxes so that the consumer prefers to purchase the delicious sweet item in the special box. This improves the sale as well as the marketing of the brand.

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