You want to become a Yoga teacher. If you are sure about your decision then we are here to guide you with transparency. Role of a yogi is itself a difficult lifestyle to keep up with, above that if you find yourself losing thousands of dollars over a program which turns out to be a fluke then, it is a major disappointment in itself. Nobody wants to start their new journey towards happiness, enlightenment, fitness, and peace with the hindrances of bad research. You don’t want to end up at a place where the yogic knowledge is minimal and it is just a money-making machine.

Don't worry! We have you covered with the things you should keep in mind while choosing a Yoga teacher training in India (a virtual hug from a yogi to another) before putting in your money and dedication.

How to choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training?

1. Yoga Alliance Certified Program

As an international governing body of Yoga, Yoga Alliance is the mother of all the Yoga schools. Its approval plays an ultimate role of waving the green flag or putting the red stamp on papers, for various Yoga schools to function legitimately. The proper conductor of the Yoga teacher training program is adjudged by Yoga Alliance.

So, make sure whichever training program you pick, it is certified under the Yoga Alliance or you won’t be qualified for insurance.

2. Assess the Syllabus and Curriculum

In order to proceed further, you need to go through the highlights and the curriculum of the program. Check on questions like, what all topics are they covering, what are the timings, what’s the sleeping schedule, do they have outdoor activities involved, how many types of Yogic practices will I learn in a short span of time?

Evaluate and compare the number of training schedules you go past on the internet.

3. Experience of Yoga Gurus or Yoga Instructors

It is a given rule to choose the right teacher for yourself. We all know that half knowledge is dangerous, and sure you don’t want to be a part of the ‘being-played’ group. So, visit the websites of the places you have shortlisted, read about the Yoga instructors who will be teaching you. Do good research about their experience and teaching skills.

Keep in mind that not all renowned gurus or orators are good teachers. Therefore, look for reviews if available, otherwise, try to contact the previous students in order to know more about the program and assigned gurus.

4. Location, Weather and Duration of the program

Doesn’t matter how far you are, choosing the right spot to start your yogic journey is nonetheless the most exciting part of all the planning and plotting. Of course, a beautiful place, giving holiday vibes, a calm atmosphere, and a serene view in the divine energies is a must for any yogi.

Entering the yoga world is a sign of seeking peace, and positivity around you. To gain that leisure, you need to choose a location which has a settled name for Yoga or is known for the teachings of Yoga. For example, Rishikesh which is the Yoga capital has numerous yoga schools and ashrams offering 200 hour Yoga teacher training in India.

We may not watch weather forecasting on TV but we will have to estimate the weather conditions before you jot down your travel expenses. Be prepared to carry necessary equipment and luggage if you are planning to hop to another country (you will want to explore).  

The duration of YTT programs like 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour is in between 1-2 months. Giving you a heads up on the leave applications you will need to apply for, also for booking the return tickets on time.

5. Fee and the Feedback

Examine the program fee, make comparisons and don’t hesitate to book your course if you have 100% faith in the organization. Try to go for training which encapsulates the food and accommodation fee so that you don’t have to lurk around for a place in an alien city to meet your yogi standards.

Again for feedback regarding the course about what kind of teachers they have been producing, the best bet is to contact the alumni’s. Whether they were looking to make a career in Yoga and whether it has worked in their favor or not?

You can also get more information about the program through website emails.

You cannot take a wrong turn before taking the right step.

Final thoughts- Some places are excelling in the field of Yoga like Yoga teacher training in India, Thailand, Nepal, etc. Be careful and preach “not today, Satan”. Dwell into the beautiful aroma of Yoga and learn intensively from yoga teacher training as they can be highly beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Happy Yogic Journey! 

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