Velour material is gentle compared to another type of upholstery fibers. You must take extreme care while handling the velour couch. Velour upholstery is completely soft and provides a rich look to your living room or bedroom. The velvety appearance of the upholstery is really eye-catching and you cannot stay out if even a moment when you newly purchased it. After some point of time, this upholstery starts accumulating dust and dirt and become stiff to touch. No need to explain about color because it will become dull.

While cleaning the Velour fiber couch, keep each and every move with great care because a little mistake can completely ruin the fabric and leave irreparable damages on the furniture. Here are professional velour Couch Cleaning tips.

Choose Right Soap
When you choose soap for cleaning the velour couch, make sure to choose the right one because the wrong product will completely ruin the life and quality of the upholstery. If possible check the manufacturer’s instruction to have a clear cut idea about the cleaning products.

Avoid Using Heat on The Upholstery
Be cautious you are dealing with velour! Velour upholstery cleaning is entirely different from Leather Upholstery Cleaning. High temperature extremely damages the velour. Avoid steam cleaning and other cleaning types that involve usage of heat.

Work using Only Clean Material
Velour easily soaks everything, when you use dirty material such as cloth, sponge or paper towel, it will further leave stains on the upholstery. Change the cleaning materials frequently while working and work using only clean materials.

Before cleaning your velour couch, check the manufacturer’s instruction to know about the type of cleaning agents. Make sure to search for the codes on the tags.

W- water-based cleaners should be used
W/S- both water or solvent based chemicals can be used
X- vacuum only
S- use dry cleaner detergent

Step by Step Process to Clean The Velour Upholstery

  • Brush or vacuum the velour upholstery to remove any type of loose dirt and dust from the upper layer. Use the soft brush attachment while using the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris.
  • Take a bucket and fill it with warm water and add a few drops of detergent liquid.
  • Always prefer using unscented dishwashing detergent to clean the velour upholstery.
  • Mix the water well, make sure not form a foamy layer on the water.
  • Use a muslin cloth to dip in the solution and gently rub the upholstery. Damp dry the cloth does not make it completely wet.
  • Rub the cloth by dipping into solution again in a circular motion on the affected area.
  • Continue the process again until the stains are cleared. If necessary change the water and prepare the solution again for better cleaning results.
  • Finally, allow the velour upholstery to dry naturally under direct sunlight. Gently brush the upholstery with a suede brush to restore its nap.

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