What Is The Fee Structure Policy Of An International School

Most of the learnings of the child come from school. So, it is very important to choose the school wisely. One of the trending boards other than CBSE and ICSE is IB Schools. International schools like Mount Litera School International focus on the overall development and shaping the future of the child as an independent decision maker.

What Is The Fee Structure Policy Of An International School

Before admission, it is important to know the Fee Structure of IB school in Mumbai. As a parent, you can browse through the school’s website to know the details. 

Here is a simplified version of the policies that a parent might face difficulty in understanding.

All students have to pay the registration fee at the time of applying for admission. It is a one-time fee payable before the acceptance of registration forms.

Registration fee can neither be refunded nor be transferred.

Depositing registration fee and submitting the registration form does not guarantee admission of the child in the school. The school has the right to refuse to accept any admission proposals, and it may reject admission forms received for the admission. The final call lies with the school itself. School’s decision is final and binding.

What Is The Fee Structure Policy Of An International School

During the admission process, the school gives a formal letter of acceptance to the parents. Within seven days of receipt of that letter, concerned parents are required to complete the further enrolment process. The parents have to deposit the admission and the caution money. The process will be considered completed once the enrollment process which is described in the formal acceptance letter by date is completed. Once the process is completed, the seat for the student is secured.

 International School Admission Fee is to be paid one time only, and it will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

The caution that you pay with the admission fee is refundable but without any interest once you decide to leave the school. To get your caution money back, you need to get the no dues certificate and carry receipt of the Caution money while encashing it. The school has the right to use that money to adjust against any fee arrears, damages or losses caused to the library books, laboratory equipment, computer facilities or other equipment or assets in the School

You can confirm the school of enrolment by paying the one-time admission fee and caution money for that particular academic year.

In addition to the Admission Fee and the caution money, the parents are required to pay the annual tuition fee following the schedule prescribed by the school. Some of the schools take around 2,50,000 INR as tuition fee for the playgroup.

What Is The Fee Structure Policy Of An International School

Once the tuition fee is paid, it can neither be refunded nor be transferred.

There are two ways to pay the fee. You can either pay the fees via crossed cheque or online (through payment gateway details of which will be provided by the school on request). Most of the schools don’t accept cash or RTGS/ NEFT/IMPS.

The School Fee Structure for 2018-19 covers the following;

a) Tuition Fees

b) Use of Laboratories, ICT Rooms, Art Room, Music Room and Libraries during the School hours

c) School uniforms including sportswear

d) Notebooks, textbooks, school bag, identity cards, yearbook, etc.

e) Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Snacks

f) Mandatory Club

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