8 Things You Should Know Before Your Massage

Nothing feels better than a professional massage. It can help you calm the body and mind and is able to improve the immune system, circulation and even reduce anxiety. In fact, you'll even sleep better! But before going to your massage appointment, there are some things you would like to know. Come well prepared with these tips that we leave you.

1. Arrive on Time for Your Appointment

Your masseuse wants to work with you for the entire scheduled duration. But if you arrive 30 minutes late, you may have to shorten the session to accommodate the next client. It is the most common; most massage therapists will not be able to assist you after the scheduled time since they will probably already be engaged in the next one.

2. More or less pressure? No problem

Your masseuse has no problem in increasing or decreasing the pressure of their maneuvers if you ask. Don't worry, you won't be offended. In fact, the massage therapists actively seek to tell you what you like and what you don't during the session.

3. You don't need to perfume yourself

Although your perfume or aftershave smells like a charm, it can be a bit overwhelming for your masseuse. You have to keep in mind that you will be in the same room for a while and, it may be that the masseuse himself has arranged essences and different scents for the course of the session. For more details visit massage Singapore.

4. Tell Him What and Where It Hurts

If you have a health problem or an injury, tell your massage therapist before you start. If your injuries have improved or your health status has changed from your last session, you should also discuss it.

Telling your mid-session massage therapist that just the muscle you are working in deep has been recently injured is not the smartest thing. You could make a latent injury worse and, of course, it is certainly not what you are looking for.

5. Drink Water after Your Session

It is particularly important that you hydrate properly after your outcall massage services. Like a workout, the muscles need to replenish fluids after a massage. You have to replenish all that water by drinking more.

Also, when your muscles are knotted, circulation is restricted in those areas. That inhibits the body's ability to dispose of waste properly. Drinking water helps the kidneys eliminate these redundant wastes correctly.

6. Take a Shower before Coming

If you want your message to be unbeatable, take a hot shower before coming to the session. Coming already relaxed after a shower, in addition to the obvious hygienic advantages, also helps the muscles to reach the session more relaxed and with less tension. And we are not going to fool ourselves, feeling clean improves anyone's mood.

7. If You Want to Train, Better Before Your Massage, Not After

Massage or training, what comes first? Definitely better to train before your massage. Trained and exercised muscles will be tired and will benefit the most from a massage.

However, exercising immediately after a massage is not a good idea, since you are likely to stress and tense those muscles that you already had relaxed. In addition, you run the risk of being too tired and could injure yourself. Better let your body recovers after a massage.

8. Avoid Eating Before Your Massages

Surely you already intuit that it is not a great idea, but enjoying a great meal before a massage session guarantees heavy digestion at the worst possible time. And not to mention that it can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

The best thing you can do is eat something light about two hours before so that your digestion is light. Being full during your massage we guarantee that it will ruin an experience that should be relaxing.

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