With increasing demand of expressing uniquely and objectively over the period of years humans have evolved over the passage of time. Increase of hunger to provide more efficient answers to the developing problems of the world computers have evolved from calculators to inference engine to computational machines. Software are that part of computer which involve communication. Language is needed for communication. It depends on the skill of the user, the way in which he communicates with hard part known as hardware so that problem is resolved while communicating efficiently. Effective communication involves clear and precise understanding of basics along with their application in the real world.

Charles Babbage father of computers provided the first basic analytical engine to the world known as Abacus. Through the consistent efforts of scientists over the period of time we are able to develop fast processing and calculating machines known as supercomputers. As the need arises for them to calculate difficult and rigorous problems, so supercomputers provided them answers quickly and correctly. Accordingly in area of software development need arises to match the compatibility of existing hardware. Industries have been set up to provide quick and easy solutions to the gigantic problems of the world keeping applicability of governing products. For this to happen smoothly different jobs are created and people responded according to their capabilities and efficiencies. As competition grows over the period industries reformed from bigger to smaller shapes keeping objectivity primordial concern.

In India economy is a major driving factor while developing software. People are ready to supply the efficient answers to governing challenges to the problems of information technology world in fewer payments. So their growth becomes consistent and evolving instead of fast demolishing false hopes while becoming money centric. Any software industry making reliable products must have good team with consistent interconnectivity between stakeholders and their working staff. Hence speed, accountability, reliability and customer focus are the pillars of success in giving good and reliable products. A good environment always makes people happy and eager to perform effectively while having limited human capabilities.

The first of Offshore Outsourcing Services provided by the India Software Development was in medical transcription business, but business process outsourcing likes of data processing, and client support began after the 90s. After this success of Indian Software Development sector, the central government identified BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) as a key contributor for growth in economic sector that prioritized the attraction of FDI in the sector of establishment of India Software Development Technology Parks and export oriented enterprise zones.

The Software Development in India a young in Industry is and we can say it has been in existence for just more than 5 to 6 years. Despite recent arrival of the Indian Software Development Indian scene, the industry has really grown phenomenally it is now becoming very important part of the export services in IT environment. Today the segment has developed with a broad based business platform backed by leading Software Development Company in India.

India is referred as the land rich in traditional values and a place full of colours and heritage. Apart from it diverse culture and ethnic lifestyle, India is also known as the land of opportunities for several types of industries such as agriculture, tourism and software development. Being a developing nation, India is doing very well in almost every sector, especially in the field of software development and gains a very strong reputation in international market. This is one of the key factors responsible for growing economy of the nation and contributes in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as well.

The evolution of software development in India was started in mid-70 when various multinational organizations started focusing towards India as their offshore work station and outsourcing centre. This changed the overall equation of software IT industry in the global market which results in rapid expansion and movement of IT operations and business centres in India.  And, within no time India has become the centre of attraction in IT sector and considered as the most preferred and favourable place for Software development. Almost every big software business company wants to have their centres in India.

Technology companies in India are expected to reap the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) data, considered to be a US$ 20 billion opportunity, to help customers to enhance productivity and asset utilisation as well as to improve end customer experience, as per networking firm Cisco. India’s total software industry’s (including hardware) share in the global market stands at 8 per cent; in the IT segment the share is   7 percent while in the ITeS space the share is 2 per cent. 

This rapid boom of IT industry and software development companies in India is
governed by several factors:

·      The aggregate development and production cost is very low in India.

·      The climate is best suited for IT operations

·     Huge quantity of population which results is high availability of young and talented engineers and programmers.

·     Strong moral values inculcated in the employees to produce quick results and offer best services to their clients.

·     Cheap resources and workforce expenditures

·     Business Laws are not so much strict as compared to other nations.

·     Lots of supports from local investors and venture Capitalist firms.

Apart from these important factors, young entrepreneur and business leaders of the country have already come forward to expand these opportunities and take charges to grow the IT business at the global level. Now days, India is the home for several IT giants and big players of the industry and serve as an IT hub.

Apart from the major contributions of multinational companies’ lots of small scale IT firms and start-up organizations like MindStick are also competing in the market to provide their clients with the best range of software products and services. These organizations are equipped with a team of highly experienced and qualified software professionals which use innovative and advanced techniques and technologies to revolutionize the way of traditional software development.

Find a Good idea for a Software Product:

 Mostly come up with a natural product idea which strike your mind while performing certain task. These ideas are most certainly quite helpful for masses and yourself also as a handy product. But at the same time, a software product could be anything. It could be a Word Press plugin, a web application or an offline application for a desktop. Whatever it is, you have to think over it from a new prospective and get the best out it.

 Analyzing the market need:

 Your product should be as such that it fulfills the market requirements. For this, studying the market need is of great importance.  If your start building a product without analyzing the market need and other products already existing in the market, then there is a great chance that your product will fail to outperform the market’s need.

 Get Customer for your product idea:

 Suppose you make a software product and wants to sell it in the market or to an individual client but no one is interested in your product may be because they don’t need it or they already have it. In such case your product, the value of your idea, time spent and money invested, are all wasted. To avoid such situation, it’s very important to make a product which you are quite sure that will sell it. Or rather make a product on client’s request. This will increase the chances of you making a quality software product according to the clients need. Moreover, such customized products can make you fetch a handsome earning. Thus, before starting on such ideas, pay attention to the post development scenario.

 Implement your Software Product:

After understanding the market’s need and getting a customer for your product idea, it’s time to implement your software product. Analyzing the client’s requirement and implementing it into the product is the next very important task. This will decide whether your product will be a success or not. The better you will understand the product, and better you will be able to implement it.

 Selling strategies and maintenance and upgrading:

 Now your product is ready and you want to sell it in the market. There are thousands of developers just like you who might already be in the market selling similar software product like yours. So your task is to come up with some attractive marketing idea to sell your product. Like giving a free demo version to the customers, free maintenance and upgrade facility, and much more. Even after your product is sold, you need to continue providing these facilities of maintenance and upgrading to maintain a long term relationship with the client and to make yourself or your company earn.

How many of us buy Indian products. Do we really invest our money in Indian products? I know French prefer buying only French cars and local products. But Indians generally go with their colonial mindset and stuck up buying only European/American brands. They have no original thought process most of the times. IN this view to design, manufacture and produce NATIVE Indian electronic products for our country people (commercial and defence) and even for across the world (exports) we have started this as an electronic product manufacturing company.

Factually it is a tough time for us competing with products from USA, Germany and even China. The market is dominated by manufacturers from abroad.

Societal pressures and trying to fulfill expectations of others instead of knowing about your true identity, passions and interests is the real problem. I mean, India has so many paper graduate Engineers, yet India is a third world nation. With so many Engineers, usually a nation ranks among the finest. So it is clear, that there is something wrong. Indians are in a rat race instead of doing a self-introspection. And the topic can be debated - Why less PHDs in India? Exactly, why have Indians compromised to live a mediocre life? Why are we afraid to try things, showing intent? On products, they don't have to be search engine (inherent wisdom in built component required to search the engine) etc. Even making a product which teaches slum kids is more than sufficient; we are trying to solve a societal problems. It is nothing else but just about adding value in the life of others and vision of the future which matters, not that we know this much.

Anatomy of Software Development Outsourcing in India

Software outsourcing in IT development has become more and more preferred over the past few years, and boost up even more momentum lately. Corporate IT firms in US have followed the same trajectory because a technology worker and manpower costs some five/six times less in India as compared to USA. Motivation for outsourcing corporate executives started analyzing software development and support, and the complete package of Information technology as a cost, and not as a strength, nor as a differentiator. So they started perceiving of it as something they can subcontract, just the same way as Security guards, Janitorial, landscaping and snow removal.

Whatsoever, this is not always the case, and there are hidden expenses, and some pitfalls such as difference in work culture and standards, communication styles, and time zones, not to mention the long term safety and security concerns of giving everything to a foreign country far away for there, and   off Couse a jurisdiction and government business policies. Software and information systems generally contain several operations that are vital to the organizations doing business, and in many cases it is part of the “Intellectual Capital” of the company.

Offshore software development and outsourcing has been popular for several years. Developing countries like India are popular offshore outsourcing locations which offer cost effective solutions. There are lots of claims and commitments about the cost advantages of offshore outsourcing with a majority calming anywhere between 40-50% savings.

Security and Privacy issue is now stronger than the past in India. Both government and private sector outsourcing are taking various steps to maintain the Peaceful atmosphere for IT sector. Even small scale and medium Software development Outsourcing firms like MindStick Software are very disciplined and careful to verify their staff. The annual turnover is incrementing for total IT Outsourcing Sector in India

Most of the people focus on India for lower costs. The most remarkable fact about India is that of the caliber of the Computer Engineers and Software developers. The cost saving is an additional benefit.  The work culture and environment of most of the software development companies in India are now CMM or CMMI level Standard.

Indian work force also offer the enormous pool of technically skilled professionals in the world. The world has discovered the fact that India is a super power when it comes to developing IT solutions. Swept by the current of the latest trend “IT outsourcing in India” we find many fortune 500 companies establishing their development centers in India. 

 Software Development Agreement

Each and every company has to follow certain rules and regulations before proceeding to make a software product. The client on the other hand also has to obey these rules and should be informed about each one of it in detail before giving any project to the company. These rules and regulations are very important for both, the company and the client and it should be understood in detail before any software development takes place or starts.

These are important because these are the agreement which the company makes with the client and client also agree to accept them. Anything which is not in accordance to any one of them, the company or the client, it should be sorted beforehand and accordingly agreement should be modified with the proper consent of both the parties.

Importance of Software Development Agreement:

A software development agreement is essential because it gives the opportunity to both the parties what they need and to avoid any kind of dispute which may arise in future. But if any legal dispute arises, a software development agreement illustrates what the parties’ terms and conditions were to sort it out. To have an agreement, we do not need any lawyer to draft the agreement because it is fairly a straightforward document. These agreement includes things related to:

•Project Steps Agreements: It says how to organize the agreement into steps of work throughout the project. It also specify the finished product of each step and the amount to be paid once that finished software product is delivered.

•Software Specifications Agreements: This is the most important agreement among all. It is like a blueprint, acting as an illustration of what will be created and as a guide to help determine the satisfaction of the end product.

•Payment Arrangements: This include methods of payment in a software development. It avoids any dispute over payment later on.

•Copyright Ownership Agreements: This agreement is about, who will have the rights to own the software. This often leads to deal cancellation or major disputes if the parties’ do not cooperate.

•Background Technology Ownership Agreement: This agreement refers to data, various development tools, and materials which the developers use that may end up in the final product. If the copyright ownership of the software is given to the client, the client will end up owning the background technology that was used to develop that software. In such situation, developers must include a provision in the software development agreement that states that the developer retains all ownership rights of the background technology. In addition to this provision, the developer should give the client the license to use the background technology.

•Warranty Agreement: This agreement tells what warranty the developer is going to give on the end product and if the end product is not like what it was promised to be, then the developers have to fix it and accordingly have to give maintenance facility to the client as and when required with a specified time period.

•Dispute Resolution Agreement: This agreement explains how any disputes between the two parties will be settled. It is an absolutely important provision without which no contract should be signed.

Organizational Culture in Software Development

“If you get the culture right most of the other stuff will just take care of itself. “ – Tony Hsieh. Organizational culture depicts values and beliefs which are an integral part of what an individual chooses to see and absorb. It consists of shared perception of reality, regarding how things should be. The willingness and condition for knowledge sharing with the team member of the organization is determined by the community and group culture.

Hence, Knowledge sharing and knowledge, are inseparable from enterprise culture. The interface for culture is social interaction, the web of communications that constitute a community.  Corporate culture can also be explained in terms of both its causes and effects. Using results perceptive, culture can be stated as a manifested patterns of behavior, consistent behavioral patterns observed across a collection of individuals or “the way we do things around here.” So, culture describes consistent ways in which people perform tasks, solve problems, and resolve conflicts, treat customers and employees, and so on. 

In software development, culture is defined as a set of mechanisms such as informal values, norms, and beliefs that control how individual and group of individuals in an organization communicate with each other and people outside the organization. 

Organizational culture is categorized into four types: Communal, Networked, Mercenary and fragmented. Communal culture give its member a sense of belongingness, through it also is task-driven. Leaders of this culture are basically very charismatic and inspiring.  The main disadvantage here is that they often exert too much influence and other members are rarely vocal.

In networked culture, members are treated as friends and family. People closely connect with each other and love each other.  They are always willing to help each other and share information. The disadvantage with this system is that individuals are so kind to each other that they are reluctant to point out and criticize the poor performance.

Mercenary culture focuses on strict goals. Members are expected to meet the objectives and complete their task quickly. Since everybody is focused on achieving deadlines and objectives, there is no scope for political clashes. The disadvantage here is that those with poor performance may not be traded in a good manner.

In Fragmented culture, the sense of belongingness and identification with the organization is usually not very strong. The individualists comprise the organizations, and their commitment is first towards individual members and task work. Here the disadvantage is that there is a lack of coordination and cooperation within the team and individuals.

Software Development Guidelines

On an average it is a known fact that over 80% of software development projects are unsuccessful due to the reasons like under budget, late completion, missing function, or a combination. Additionally, software projects using modern technologies such as Java, J2EE, XML, and web services are no exception to this rule. Thus, we have described few guidelines for improving the success of your software development projects. 

Guidelines are as follow:

1.Recruit skilled and experienced people : In today’s environment having a team of skilled members is very important because the inexperienced people, at best produce only mediocre results, and in most cases, they fails to deliver a good project management and the best way to apply new technologies. An excellent Technical lead, project manager and architect provide joint leadership of the project. They set the platform of the project and have a vast impact on its ultimate success. But this does not mean that, poor performers should not be given a chance. They need constant attention and usually need to be motivated time to time to do well and shine the opportunity.

2.Use leading edge technology: Use of technologies such as J2EE and the WebSphere product family for development process have had huge impacts on the way the company did business. It is important to use a leading edge technology because it helps in gaining a distinct advantage over competition. The risk with these technologies is that, you need to have excellent people to work on such projects. Thus the use of these technology will result in a better software development.

3.Provide the right tools: Each and every software development project needs the appropriate tools that provide productivity aids for the team. These tools are nothing but the right hardware, design and, programming, etc. Providing these tools are worthwhile as these give higher return as compared to the investment. Use of latest and fastest PCs for development and appropriate test environment ensures quality, user acceptance and deployment testing.

4.Time estimating techniques: It is very much important to estimate the time in which a software project development is going to complete. Without an accurate schedule estimate, there is no foundation for effective planning.  Since software product development is a process of gradual refinement and so it is with estimation. It becomes more and more precise as the project progresses. It is also important not to include too much schedule compression because there may be a point when the team cannot achieve the tight schedule and in the end, will miss it by a wide margin. 

 There are many more guidelines that must be followed during the software project development which we will discuss later.  

INDIAN code engineers are seemingly to be specialists from building the particular appear technologies systems that have the potential from needs to specifications, committal to writing to testing and readying .You have to principally unleash for the corporate needs. MINDSTICK (Microsoft partner) is obtainable in actual image wherever we've precisely the made-to-order code program created by it. MINDSTICK can incorporate distinctive feature of your code business and specifics while development the code. We've large hours of expertise in code style and development makes our business made-to-order and code development applications very price effective, whereas providingconsiderably improved info management method specific to your business. Basically, the tip product is extremely} optimized by the skilled and highly expert folks that are hot with their work and practical code designed to be business specific with the assorted applications and technologies.

With a long-standing specialize in the problems and challenges facing contractors; Viewpoint Construction code has carven out a singular position within the construction management code market place. Rather than inform our resources towards the event of generic business solutions, we've centered our attention on resolution the distinctive desires of construction professionals. May be you're experiencing issue assessing job profit before or once jobs begin. or even you’re having hassle simply programming labor and instrumentation. Does one end up expecting materials, instrumentation and labor to become out there to perform work? sometimes are you unsure of once employment are completed, or worse, still see disappearing profit margins once the complete prices of employment are calculated? Viewpoint Construction code has the solutions to those common issues.

Futurism Technologies Tells one more Success Story by changing into the self-made NASSCOM Member:

PUNE, geographic area, (date to be provided) – Futurism technologies as a premium supplier of IT enabled services and solutions has gained membership for The National Association of code and Services corporations (NASSCOM). Now, being a member of NASSCOM family has without doubt increased the company’s skilled stature, quality of service provision and has created its purchasers have faith in its superior service even over before.

The company has adult by leaps and sure within the past few years because it has evidenced its ascendance and diligence in its own field of business, that embody knowledge Management, info Technology support, code Development, Application Development, Cloud Computing, web site Management and different areas. Futurism Technologies and its level of service quality has been completely and strictly evaluated by NASSCOM, that is a chamber of Commerce for India’s booming IT services business.

The later has therefore commissioned Futurism for its economical and performance-driven services within the field of Offshore code Development Services, Custom code Development Services, Application Maintenance And Support, Application Re-Engineering And Migration, offshore code development solutions, net Development, Mobile Application Development, Quality Assurance And Testing and Technology Infrastructure Services. The NASSCOM membership has won the corporatean honest quantity of accolades and recognition, that successively created Futurism grow in confidence, motivation and more zeal to serve shopper a lot of profitably.


Programming quality is imperative, particularly for business and framework programming like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and Linux. On the off chance that product is defective (carriage), it can erase a man's work, crash the PC and do other startling things. Shortcomings and blunders are called "bugs" which are regularly found amid alpha and beta testing. Programming is frequently likewise a casualty to what is known as programming maturing, the dynamic execution debasement coming about because of a blend of inconspicuous bugs.

Numerous bugs are found and wiped out (repaired) through programming testing. Then again, programming testing infrequently—if at any time—dispenses with each bug; a few software engineers say that "each system has no less than one more bug" (Lubarsky's Law). In the waterfall technique for programming improvement, separate testing groups are normally utilized, however in more up to date approaches, by and large termed coordinated programming advancement, designers frequently do all their own testing, and exhibit the product to clients/customers consistently to acquire criticism. Programming can be tried through unit testing, relapse testing and different techniques, which are done physically, or most normally, naturally, since the measure of code to be tried can be entirely vast. Case in point, NASA has to a great degree thorough programming testing methodology for some working frameworks and correspondence capacities. Numerous NASA-based operations collaborate and recognize one another through charge programs. This empowers numerous individuals who work at NASA to check and assess utilitarian frameworks by and large. Programs containing summon programming empower equipment designing and framework operations to capacity much simpler together.

Describe the present task and its surroundings concerning models and measurements. Set quantifiable objectives for fruitful task execution and change. Pick the suitable procedure show and supporting routines and apparatuses for this undertaking. Execute the procedures, develop the items, collect, validate, and dissect the information to give continuous input to remedial activity. Investigate the information to assess the present practices, decide issues, record discoveries, and make proposals for future task changes. Bundle the involvement as upgraded and refined models and different types of organized information picked up from this and earlier undertakings and spare it in an affair base to be reused on future tasks. 

The IEEE characterizes dependability as "The capacity of a framework or segment to perform its required capacities under expressed conditions for a predefined timeframe." To most venture and programming advancement administrators, unwavering quality is likened to rightness, that is, they hope to testing and the quantity of "bugs" discovered and settled. While discovering and altering bugs found in testing is important to guarantee unwavering quality, a superior path is to add to a strong, amazing item through the greater part of the phases of the product lifecycle. That is, the dependability of the conveyed code is identified with the nature of the greater part of the procedures and results of programming advancement; the necessities documentation, the code, test arranges, and testing. 

Programming unwavering quality is not also characterized as equipment dependability, but rather the Software Assurance Technology Center (SATC) at NASA is endeavoring to distinguish and apply measurements to programming items that advance and evaluate dependability. This paper examines how NASA ventures, in conjunction with the SATC, are applying programming measurements to enhance the quality and unwavering quality of programming items. Dependability is a by-result of value, and programming quality can be measured.

Interpersonal Skills in software development: Getting Results right away

“You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get Results by focusing on the actions that produce results. “- Mike Hawkins.  Interpersonal skills are best practiced to see results right away. A good professional always stick to his goals and objectives to produce fast results. Today’s result oriented world emphasize a lot of focus on achieving goals, setting targets and meeting deadlines. While that is crucial in today’s world, we will do good to remember that any relationship- be it personal or professional – owes its existence and value equally on the other person. No relationship can be a lasting one of the other person is not being taken into consideration.

In software development, there is a tendency to be self-centered when we ae eager to get good results out of a deal, but we should have the same eagerness towards meeting people too. Respecting people and their personal boundaries is a good way to give them respect. Over-eager calls on weekends and excessive mailing are only two examples of many ways we can easily tip to the other side of ambition. So if we focus on result we never change, but if we focus on change we will get results.

Always try to master the art of making requests, and not commanding people to meet our demands even if we are a supervisor, or the boss. The ones who obey us when we shout at them do it out of fear. In other words, we could say that they are respecting the designation, not us. So, polite talking and respectfully presenting a point are not only easier than bossing over individuals, they also produce an amiable environment where the employees work out of a genuine sense of passion, as compared to sense of fear or obligation.

So, always remember that software development business is not numbers. Numbers are only the end result of a successful network of happy customers, satisfied employees, enthusiastic co-workers, and a balanced lifestyle. It is impossible to know what a person wants unless there is a conversation with him. The golden rule is to ask. Healthy relationships are built on healthy communications. Most important part is to maintain the same relation over the long period of time.

“While you are still waiting to find an easy way or a perfect time, some else is already getting results because they decided making progress is more important than making excuses. “

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