“You cannot create experience, you must undergo it” – Albert Camus. This quote clearly justify the impact of experienced skills in software development.

Experience is one of the important factor that affect the speed of software development in most cases. A developer with 15 years of experience will comparatively work faster and solve problem easily than a developer with 5 years of experience, even if they are somehow equally skilled. However the skill doesn’t equals experience. You have lot of experience in applying quite irrelevant skills and will not be able to solve most of the problems the team has.

Skill is the most Influential factor in software field which helps in enhance speed of software development. If a team consists bunch of skilled programmers, designers and testers – they will definitely going to create something good. On the other side, if we have novice unexperienced developers in the team – nothing will not help us to speed up the development cycle.

Every company deal with different kind of requirements and ideas, and have a wide range of problems – some of them are easy, some of them are complex and challenging. Novice developers are energetic and passionate about everything, almost any problem will bring some new knowledge to them. In contrast, experienced developers are very choosy and more careful about the kind of work assigned to them, so it is better to give them problems with adequate complexity. So it create a good impact if we have wide range of skilled and experienced people in the team,  but the average skill level must be high. A good balance between inexperience and experienced people adds an extra plus to the project. It creates a very flexible and effective division of work combinations among the developers based on their experiences.

To develop an effective knowledge management program, the organization needs a systematic strategy, not just a general plan to help employees share knowledge.  There must also need to have a description of knowledge base business issues which is essential for collaboration, need to level performance variance, need for innovation, and need to address information overload.  There must also be an inventory of available knowledge resources which consists of knowledge capital, social capital and infrastructure capital.

Involvement of experienced developers also create ample of opportunities for novice developers to learn new things and try the best approach for solving a problem. It helps them to gain quick and effective skills from experienced programmers. If we have bunch of skilled and experienced programmers we can organize training events and seminars for motivating new talent. Experienced resource would also be able to contribute to multiple project at the same period of time and monitor other resources around them. Experience is the most important driving factor for the progress of any product development, and also helps in winning the confidence of Stakeholders and investors.


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