Mind Stick SEO glossary of SEO terms is essential reading to help you better understand search engine marketing make the most out of your website. 

301 Redirect 

A 301 redirect techniques is a page status code that tells search engines a page has permanently moved to another web URL. 

302 Redirect 

Unlike 301 redirect, a 302 redirect techniques is used when you move pages temporarily. For instance, if you are doing major changes on our site that involve changing the URLs, and we need weeks to complete this, we can use 302 redirects techniques for the time you are performing the changes.

ALT tag

The Alt tag, more correctly called the Alt attribute of the <image> tag, is a way to tell search engines what an image is about. 

Anchor text 

Anchor text is the text of a hyperlink – i.e. in this hyperlink: SEO tools, "SEO tools" is the anchor text of the hyperlink that leads to the home page of the site.  


Backlinks, also called inbound links are links from other sites to your site. In SEO, the quality of backlinks (i.e. if the backlink comes from a reputable site, what the Page Rank of the linking site is, and what the anchor text is) is one of the major ranking factors. Black hat refers to a set of unethical SEO practices aimed at getting artificially high rankings with search engines. Black hat includes techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, or the use of doorway pages. 


CTR, or Click through Rate, is a measure option used in Pay per Click advertising to measure the number of clicks per 100 visitors. If we are using Google AdWords’ to promote our site, Click through Rate tells how much attention our keywords are getting. Keywords with the highest CTR get the most attention.  


A crawler, also called a spider, robot is the search engine robot that crawls and indexes Web pages. It is an automated program that periodically visits a site.  

Deep links 

Deep links are backlinks to internal pages. Deep links are important factor for site ranking. 

Domain age 

Domain age is a measure how old a domain is. older domains get more favorable treatment by search engines than new domain. Domain age factor play important role in search engine result page.  

Doorway page 

A doorway page, also know a gateway page, is another black hat technique that can get we banned from search engines. 

Duplicate content

Duplicate content. I.e. content that is verbatim the same or very similar to content found on other sites or other pages of your site – is one of the worst things that we can put on your site


Dynamic URL


A dynamic URL is the opposite of Static URL 




Flash is an interactive media technology that makes sites more interesting.




Geotargeting is a technique to target audience based on geographic location

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