Windows is a personal computer operating system from Microsoft that, together with some commonly used business applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, has become a de facto "standard" for individual users in most corporations as well as in most homes.

It’s having multiple features such as Multitasking, speediness, High definition look, Good quality of graphics etc.

In windows we can run perform multiple action simultaneously within a same time. But some cases windows or any executable file are not responding and in this case its make much time to finish them then you have need to following steps to solve this problem.

Follow below step to remove this problem :

1.   First you have need to wait few minutes may be solve problem otherwise 
press Ctrl + A|t + Delete now you can see below window. 

2.   Select Task Manager.

3.   Now Select Processes tab and choose your program name which are not responding which are given on the list.

4.   Press right click on program list and Select Endtask option. It will be stop or remove selected item from your desktop.

  Modified On Dec-07-2017 04:45:48 AM

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