When we want to open any file or folder we use double-click but in Windows 8 we can open any file or folder using singe-click. This feature is useful when we have lots of file and folder to open.

If your folder or files open on double click then you can change it only as single click.

Follow below steps to enable single click for open an item on windows.

1.      First you have need to open Control panel

2.      Now Select Appearance and Personalization        

3.      After open Appearance and Personalization, now open 


4.      Now will be open a window and this window have several options tab. basically select General option of a tab.

   Choose Single- click to open an item (point to select) 


After selected options, tap on apply button for save settings on windows.


  Modified On Dec-07-2017 04:02:22 AM

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