In windows 8 provides to create different- different account to access windows. By default Windows 8 will show you the main account when you boot up but that's not helpful when you have multiple users. Here's how to change the user account on Windows 8 start up.

When you boot up a Windows 8 laptop or PC, you'll see a lock screen which need to be moved with before you can log into your account. It will only show the main account here unless you click the back button (left pointing arrow) next to your account profile picture

1.      First you need to open Administrator account.

2.      Open Control Panel 


3.      Open User Accounts from your list 


4.      Click 'Manage User Accounts'. 


5.      Click the 'Advanced' tab at the top of the window. After Open Advance tab Tick the box in the 'Secure sign-in' box at the bottom and click 'OK'. 


Here's what you'll see after the changes 

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