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Java OOPS 
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In my last post, i explained about role of object in oops language. Now, we more elaborate it with some e.g.
I explain it through a e.g. of car.
In car, we have field: its mph and rpm. we have methods: gear, speed,cadence, music system volume.
class Bicycle
gear, speed, cadence , music system volume. 
int cadence= 0;
int speed=0;
int music system volume=0;
int gear=1;
void changeCadence(int newValue)
void speedUp(int increment)
void changeGear(int newValue)
void musicvolumeHigh{ int increment)
music volume= music volume+ increment;
void printStates()
system.out.println("cadence:"+cadence+"speed:"'+speed+"gear:"+gear+"music volume:"+music volume);

features in oops.

By ANkita gupta on   one year ago
In oops programming their are mainly few features which are responsible to make the programming stylish and effective.these are as follows:
1.Data Encapsulation: Hiding internal data from outside world & accessing it only through publicly exposed methods.
2.Polymorphism: It is used when we make different forms , but with  same name.
3.Inheritance: It is used to make different classes from other super classes.It is used for extensible and reusable purpose. 
4.Modularity: It is closely tied with encapsulation i.e. it sis used for the purpose of mapping.
5.Abstraction: relevant features necessary.
6.Access Modifier: public, private, default and protected.
7. Non-Access Modifier: sealed, enumerator.

Very Nice post

By ben reitman on   one year ago
Again  you have explained very conceptually. Very Good Ankita!!

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