In android device when we on our cellular data and data pack have limited then we can reduce or minimise to use data. When choosing your mobile phone contract it can be tricky to work out how much mobile data you need.

For example we are using you tube and my phone apps are updating automatically then it consume data. Many apps running on background and they consume data.

Here I am telling you how to reduce or minimise mobile data

1.     Set to update apps Wi-Fi family.
Set the phone Auto- update apps over Wi-Fi only or Do not auto-update apps.
Follow below steps to set to update apps Wi-Fi family.

·        Launch google play.
·        Tap on three horizontal line 
                       How to minimise mobile data usage on Android 
·        Now choose settings 
How to minimise mobile data usage on Android 
2.     Turn off your data after complete

After use internet off mobile data.

You can off your data from Swipe down from the top of the screen, select
Settings, now press data and then click the mobile data. Now off you’re your
mobile data.
3.     Set to limit the amount of data used on Android

You can set limit for how much data android smartphone uses over the course of a month (or any time period), plus a warning that tells you when you are approaching that limit, once again visit Settings, Data usage.

         How to minimise mobile data usage on Android



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