How to test for legionella and implement prevention plans

Legionella germs are frequent in water systems containing low amounts in ponds and rivers. Nevertheless, the gram-negative microbe can spread if conditions are optimal, which can provoke diseases’ outbreaks like Legionnaire’s Disease.

Poorly maintained cold and hot water systems, water heating systems, spa pools and air conditioning are the main causes of the multiplication of Legionella bacteria. If there are possibilities to breathe in droplets of contaminated water and if the water temperature is at a certain level, Legionnaire’s disease can spread and be possibly fatal. Deposits in pipework can provoke the accumulation bacteria, causing problems as well.

How can we test for Legionella in the water

Each organisation with a spa facility, water heating systems and air conditioning should carry out Legionella water testing. Having a Legionella management scheme is necessary, and getting guidance from specialists in water treatment consulting services is the main way to guarantee that your company is up to date.

It’s better that the testing for Legionella is done by a water treatment business and that it considers shower heads, all the pipework and other risky areas in a company. The testing should be done every two years ; nevertheless, for high-risk areas like hospitals or a rest home for elderly persons where people can be subject to diseases, the testing should be carried out more frequently. If you’re not sure about the rate of testing, get guidance from a water treatment business specialized in bacterial management.

Plans for Legionella Prevention

Every single organisation or company with a water system should set up a Legionella prevention scheme. Legionella prospers under specific conditions, including low and stagnated water turnover.

Water temperatures have to be superior to hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit to stop Legionella bacteria growing. Deposits and sludge in the pipework are other causes for the growth of the bacteria, which is why legionella prevention has to take into account the temperature control of the water and pipework maintenance.

In locations like healthcare institutions and hospitals, having a dedicated specialist who received a proper legionella training but also having a prevention scheme should be part of the company maintenance scheme, because an outbreak of legionnaires disease could have grave consequences and could lead to the company shutdown whilst legionella water treatment and disinfection are held.

Legionella Treatment

If legionella is found inside the air conditioning or the water system, the disinfection method has to be held immediately. You will need the help of a water treatment business which is specialized and experienced in working with wastewater systems and in chemical treatment for legionella. If specialists deal with these issues, you’ll have the guarantee that the task has been completed correctly. This is also necessary for your company insurance to avoid lawsuit.

A water systems business will determine the problem and apply the most effective and correct treatment to the area affected by legionella. The engineers will counsel your company on the most relevant and effective legionella monitoring you carry out, like maintenance and frequent temperature checks in order to avoid having issues happening in the future. If you fail to tackle the problem quickly or to have frequent legionella checks, you can expose your company to litigation, closure, and sometimes business manslaughter.

A serious and strong management and prevention scheme in a company or organisation should take into account legionella risk management. Make sure your company is up to date with checks and contact professional specialists for counselling and maintenance where needed. 

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