Australia is a great place to visit whether the purpose is holiday or meeting with your friends or relatives or any other reasons. This country has lots to offer like beautiful beaches, landscape and worth to explore wildlife, tasty cuisines and cool night life. If you want to visit or travel to Australia, you need a tourist visa.

Eligibility to Get the Australian Visa

In order to get the Australian visa, you must have a genuine reason to visit and should have enough money to survive during your entire stay but there are some additional requirements also which you have to fulfill.

Let’s have a look:

  • The reason to visit Australia should not be related to business or medical treatment.
  • You should carry enough funds to support yourself during your stay in Australia.
  • You should qualify the public interest criteria including character and health.

How to Apply For Australian Visa from India

If you are interested to apply for Australian visa by living in India, you can take the help of Tourist And Other Visas. It will make you aware about the procedures involved in the visa application process. If you are an Indian, you can apply for Australia visa online as well as offline. Here we are sharing some types in which you can apply for tourist visa.

  • Know the Visa Type: Before you apply for visa, you should select your visa type and at the same time, you must familiarize yourself with all that types such as you are applying for subclass 600, it is appropriate for stay of short periods. It comes with two streams which are tourist and business.
  • Electronic Travel Authority Visa (ETA): If you hold an Indian passport and live outside Australia, you can apply for Australia electronic visa. It is less hassle and little tricky also. You are eligible for applying ETA visa if you are a citizen of Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, United States or Singapore and for other countries, you can apply through the travel agents or airline service provider. You can contact to General Skilled Migration.
  • E-Visitor Visa: If you are visiting Australia as a tourist or to visit family or study or conduct business activities, you can apply for e-visitor visa. It is valid for 12 months and you can leave and enter in Australia as often as you want during that time. However, you are only allowed to stay in Australia for 3 months at a time.

Visitor’s Visa If Not Eligible For Any of Them: This is a good option to avail if you are not eligible for the ETA or e-visitor visa. This regular visitor visa is more expensive than ETA or e-visitor and consumes longer time to process.

Generally the fees of tourist visa ranges from 5000 INR to 9000 INR and it changes constantly so you are not required to pay the exact amount. For more information, you can contact to Australasian Network Undertaking (ANU).

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