Digital Marketing objective is to make your  business on the Internet with high range of client. Whether it is a new set up or a running business.Digital marketing help you to increase your client , it will grow your business and you will earn good money if you follow Digital marketing steps to Your business. I am here telling you about Digital marketing planing or how can you start your Digital marketing for your product. Digital marketing is ALL IN ALL on Google.I am describing about digital marketing  step by step: 

Step 1- What is Internet marketing:

  •   Inernet marketing : Web promoting, or internet advertising, alludes to publicizing and showcasing deliberations that utilize the Web and email to drive immediate deals through electronic trade, not with standing deals heads from Web destinations or messages. Web promoting and internet publicizing exertions are ordinarily utilized as a part of conjunction with customary sorts of publicizing like radio, TV, daily papers and magazines.Internet marketing has three spcail area : Web Marketing, Email Marketing,Social Media Marketing.
  •  Internet Marketing is usefull for you to create On line Image of your product/Services.  

Step 2- Website Planing for Design and Development

  •   If you want  too present your business on line then you need a website.Website are two type first is static and second is Dynamic.Many SEO expert told that HTML website is very usefull for SEO and HTML website or static site indexed early on Google and HTML website follow good backlink.But nowa days Client want a resposive or CMS type website because According to Google Update , If you are uploading pure content on your website it will help you to get good ranking. So Blog section is neccesary in website but HTML do not include Blog because HTML site as Static and Blog is a part of Dynamic Site.
  •  Easy to update: Static site do not allow easy to update because if you want any change in the website then you will change on every page but In Dynamic site ,easy to update is very useful and you can update easily. Dynamic website like
  •  Your website should be Search Engine Friendly os SEM/SEO. 

Step 3- Search Engine Optimization steps in Digital Marketing(Indian calls):

  •  If you want  to became an SEO then first you know about SEO.
  •  Why Client need SEO
  •  What are search engines
  •  How search engines work?
  •   Major functions of a search engine
  •   What is traffic?
  •   Different types of traffic
  •   What are keywords?
  •   Different types of keywords
  •   Tools to find keywords (paid & free)
  •   Google external tool
  •   Google trends & insights
  •   How to find relevant keywords?
  •   Keywords mix
  •   Steps in SEO
  •   On page optimization

1.     Keywords optimization

2.     Content optimization

3.     Internal linking

4.     Meta tags creation

5.     Basic HTML knowledge

6.     Creating sitemap

7.     Uploading sitemap on website

8.     Google webmasters tool

9.     Understanding key terms

10.   How to get a website index

11.   Quick indexing techniques

      Off page optimization

1.     What is page rank?

2.     How to increase page rank?

3.     What are back links?

4.     Types of back links

5.     What is link building?

6.     Types of link building

7.     Techniques of link building

1.     Directory Submission

2.     Articles marketing

3.     Blog marketing

4.     Press releases

5.     Social bookmarking

6.     Forums marketing

7.     Classifieds submission

8.     Google maps submission

1.     What not to do in link building?

2.     Checking your backlinks 

  •   Local SEO
  •   Mobile SEO
  •  Top 5 free tools for SEO
  •  Top 5 paid tools for SEO
  •  Planning SEO of a website
  •  Monitoring SEO process
  •   Preparing SEO reports

Step 4- Search Engine Advertising- PPC advertising

Advertising on Google adwords

  •   Introduction to Ad Words – Google Ad words
  •   Getting Started with Ad Words – How to set up account etc.
  •   Targeting – Search, Contextual or placement
  •   Creation of Effective Campaigns and Ad groups
  •   Creation of Banners using Display Builders
  •   Writing Compelling Ad Copies—Do’s and Don’ts
  •   Keyword Grouping using Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, Negative Match Techniques
  •   Insertion of Google Conversion code and its importance in Effective Campaigning
  •   Costs and Billing
  •   Tracking Ad Performance
  •   Optimizing Cost per Click
  •   Optimizing Ad Performance – Optimize Account & landing page
  •   The Ad Words Toolbox – Keyword Tool, Site Exclusion Tool, Ad Diagnostic Tool Etc.
  •   Google Analytics code study and Insertion
  •   Google Analytics Report Study and Comprehension
  •   Creating Multiple Report Types
  •   Google Insights Study
  •   Google Trends Study
  •   Managing Client Accounts
  •   Remarketing Tools

Advertising on yahoo & bing search engines 

Step 5- Social Media Marketing

  •   What is social media?
  •   Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms
  •   How social media marketing is different than other forms of Internet marketing?
  •   Marketing on social networking websites
  •   Facebook marketing
  • (a)Facebook profiles
  • (b) Facebook fan page creation
  • (c) Examples of good and bad fan pages
  • (d) How to increase fans on a fan page?
  • (e) How to do marketing on a fan page?
  • (f) How to engage fans on your fan page?
  • (g) Facebook advertising
  • (h) Understanding Facebook advertising
  • (i) Creating Facebook ads
  • (j) Best practices of Facebook ads
  • (k) How to increase your ROI from Facebook ads?
  • (l) CPC or CPM- How to pay for Facebook ads?
  • (m) Black hat Facebook marketing
  • (n) Best Facebook apps for marketing your fan page
  • (o) Facebook marketing mix with other marketing platforms
  • (p) Case studies on Facebook marketing
  •   Linkedin Marketing

(i) What is linked in?

(ii) Understanding Linkedin

(iii) Company profile vs individual profiles

(iv) Marketing on linkedin groups

(v) Understanding linkedin groups

(vi) How to do marketing on linkedin groups?

(vii) Linkedin advertising & it best practices

(viii) Increasing ROI form linkedin ads

(ix) Case studies on linkedin marketing

  Twitter marketing

(a) Understanding Twitter

(b) How to do marketing on twitter

(c) Blackhat techniques of twitter marketing

(d) Advertising on Twitter

(e) Case studies on twitter marketing

  Video marketing

(a) Creating videos

(b) How to create videos

(c) Uploading videos on video marketing websites

(d) Using youtube for business

(e) Developing youtube video marketing strategy

(f) Advertising on youtube

(g) How to increase number of views of your videos

(h) Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your website


(a)   What is blogging?

(b) Benefits of blogging

(c) Types of blogging

(d) Benefits of each types of blogging

(e) Different platforms for blogging

(f) Creating your own blog- LIVE

(g) Best practices while creating a blog

(h) How to make your blog interactive for visitors

(i) How to do marketing of your blog

(j) Top 5 things that should be present in your blog

(k) What not to do while blogging?

(l) Showcasing few best examples of top blogs 

Step 6- Lead generation for business

  •  What is lead generation?
  •   Different ways to generate leads?
  •   What are landing pages?
  •   How to create a landing page?
  •   Best practices while creating a landing page?
  •   A/B testing & why is it important?
  •   How to convert leads into sales?
  •   How to nurture leads?
  •   What is a lead funnel?
  •   Adopting correct marketing strategy for lead funnel
  •   Examples of lead nurturing and strategies to convert leads into sales
  •   How to convert dead leads- some examples

Step 7- Online Advertising

  •   What is online advertising?
  •    Types of online advertising
  •      Display advertising

(i)Banner ads

(ii) Rich media ads

(iii) Pop ups and pop under ads

·         Contextual advertising

(i)In-text ads

(ii) In-image ads

(iii) In-video ads

(iv) In-page ads

·         What are the payment modules?

·         Companies that provide online advertising solutions

·         Tracking & measuring ROI of online advertising

·         Assignment on allocating funds to various online advertising platforms

Step 8- Email Marketing

·         What is email marketing?

·         Biggest challenge in email marketing

·         Legitimate/ opt-in email marketing

·         Increasing email subscription/ opt-in list

·         Using software’s to do email marketing

·         Creating your own email list of millions of email id’s

·         Best practices of email marketing

·         Writing a good email creative or html template

Step 9- Ecommerce marketing

·         What is ecommerce?

·         Top ecommerce websites around the world

·         Ecommerce scenario in India

·         Why you need a solid ecommerce marketing strategy

·         Formulating right ecommerce marketing strategy

·         Using affiliate marketing to promote your ecommerce business

·         A case study on ecommerce marketing 

Step 10- Google analytics

·         What is Google analytics?

·         Why analytics is so important?

·         Setting up your website with analytics

·         Fundamentals of Google analytics

·         Monitoring bounce rate

·         Setting up goals and funnels

·         Setting filters and segmentation

·         Tracking conversions

·         Other analytics platforms

·         Monitoring website performance

·         Monitoring traffic sources

·         Monitoring visitors behavior

·         Taking corrective actions if required


Step 11- Creating Internet marketing strategy for your business


Interested in making money?

2 components specially dedicated to train you in how to make money online. Also, we do not have any trainer but experts who themselves have made money will train you in these 3 components which are AdSense and affiliate marketing. 

Step 12- Making money via adsense & blogging

·         Basic in adsense knowledge

·         What is adsense?

·         How to get approved for adsense?

·         Cool trick to get adsense approval by Google

·         Using your ad-sense account interface

·         Placing ads on your blog 

Step 13- Affiliate Marketing- Make tons of money, part time

·         What is affiliate marketing?

·         3 A’s of affiliate marketing

·         How people make millions of dollars in affiliate marketing?

·         Affiliate marketing history

·         Changes in affiliate marketing industry over the years

·         Affiliate marketing scenario in India

·         How to be a supper affiliate and make tons of money

·         Different ways to do affiliate marketing

·         Affiliate marketing secrets

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