How Big Data is Helping Your Commute to Be Safer and Faster

Driving is a part of everyone’s life and you probably do it every day. It can be fun driving on a road trip but it can be a nightmare when heading to work. The fact that everyone is in a hurry to go to work means everyone is on the road at the same time. You have to admit, a traffic jam is one of the most annoying things you can come across on your journey. Well, fortunately, there might be a solution to all this.

The solution is artificial intelligence. These systems are driven and made possible by the use of big data. Big data is basically a large amount of data collected over time on a specific area. These systems are already in production in some countries. With the coming of the internet of things, life has been made easier.

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How Big Data Serves AI

The idea behind artificial intelligence is to make machines learn like humans. The only way this is possible is by collecting a huge amount of data and feeding it to the machine. Big data has all sorts of information the machine needs to understand a situation. As time passes, the machine has analyzed so much data that it is now one with the system. It starts to understand how to act in a specific situation. For every action it takes, the data is stored for future reference if it comes across the same scenario. 

This makes the system capable of predicting the future and responding accordingly. It understands what to do in every situation. That means your car can tell when a collision is about to happen. 

The Connection Between All Vehicles

To make the system even smarter, vehicles are set to communicate with each other while on the road. That means as you are driving on the highway, the vehicles can communicate with each other. This comes in handy for planning the fastest and safest route. As the vehicles communicate, they can avoid traffic jams. The system can also inform you of the current and coming weather update. This is important to avoid congestion. 

When you set your driving route, the car can scan through all the available data on that route. It can also communicate with cars on that route to know if there will be too many cars on that route at the same time. This helps drivers avoid driving into a traffic jam without knowing. 

Other software, such as the towing software, are made to help towing companies with their daily needs. They offer features for dispatching, invoicing, payroll, and impounds. These features are cloud based so you can access them anywhere anytime to make management easier. 

Making the roads a safe place

The system not only gives you the fastest route to wherever you are going but also the safest. As cars collect data and upload it to the system, it is able to know which roads are safe and why. As you are driving, the system can also help you avoid an accident or collision. By collecting data and the vehicles communicating, the system can warn you when you get too close to another car. 

This system can be incorporated in the car for emergencies. When the system predicts an accident, it can press the brakes for you. For more advanced cars, the system can be able to do the communication for you. For example, in the case of a health emergency, the system can call emergency services for you. It can also help you in your daily life, by helping you make calls, plan your day, etc. 

This is all made possible by big data. With the combination of big data, smart sensors like HD cameras and intelligent systems we can now live in the future. Big data and AI is the future of driving. Now everything is made easier, faster, and safer. You can expect to see all the smart systems on every road around the world.

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