Give site visitors lots of interesting information, incentives to visit and buy, and ways to contact you. Once your site is up and running, continually update and add fresh content to keep people coming back.If you wanna find a solution to defeat your competitors? Let's try Advanced Content Manager.

Advanced Content Manager is a breakthrough in Magento 2 extension development owing to its uniqueness and multi-functional maneuver !

Similar to creating attribute sets for the product on a store, this extension facilitates you to make different content types using available data fields. Once you have created a content type, the extension will automatically generate a page without you having to setup a certain CMS page for it.

In addition, Advanced content manager extension does help administrator to create many other custom forms. As far as you can see, the default contact page in Magento cannot meet your demands since you have to add more fields to the form to turn it into a friendly-looking but working form. However, you are not a developer yourself so life seems not to be easy then. Forget about this limitation because our advanced Content extension is far beyond what you thought possible. Another disadvantage of the default form lies in the fact that it only tolerates one email address to receive contact details, but our extension offers more than that.

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