All Panels


alt+click New button

Set options for new items (except for Actions, Animation, Styles, Brushes, Tool Presets, and Layer Comps panels)

alt+click delete button

Delete without confirmation (except for the Brush panel)


Apply value and keep text box active


Show/Hide all panels


Show/Hide all panels except the toolbox and options bar

Select tool and press enter

Highlight options bar

shift+arrow up/arrow down

Increase/decrease selected values by 10

Action Panel

alt+click the check mark next to a command

Turn command on and all others off, or turns all commands on


Turn current modal control on and toggle all other modal controls

alt+double-click action or action set

Change action or action set options

Double-click recorded command

Display Options dialog box for recorded command

ctrl+double-click an action

Play entire action

alt+click the triangle

Collapse/expand all components of an action

ctrl+click the Play button

Play a command

alt+click the New Action button

Create new action and begin recording without confirmation

shift+click the action/ command

Select contiguous items of the same kind

ctrl+click the action/ command

Select discontiguous items of the same kind

Adjustment Panel

alt+3 (red),

alt+4 (green),

alt+5 (blue)

Choose specific channel for adjustment


Choose composite channel for adjustment

delete or backspace

Delete adjustment layer

alt+click Auto button

Define Auto options for Levels or Curves

Animation Panel (Frames Mode)

shift+click second frame

Select/deselect multiple contiguous frames

ctrl+click multiple frames

Select/deselect multiple discontiguous frames

alt+Paste Frames command from the Panel pop-up menu

Paste using previous settings without displaying the dialog box

Animation Panel (Timeline Mode, PS extended)


Start playing the timeline or Animation panel

alt+click the current-time display in the upper-left corner of the timeline.

Switch between timecode and frame numbers (current time view)


Expand and collapse list of layers

Hold down the shift key when clicking the next/previous Frame buttons (on either side of the Play button).

Jump to the next/previous whole second in timeline

Hold down the shift key while dragging the current time.

Increase playback speed

Hold down the ctrl key while dragging the current time.

Decrease playback speed


Snap an object (keyframe, the current time, layer in point, and so on) to the nearest object in timeline

alt+drag (first or last keyframe in the selection)

Scale (evenly distribute to condensed or extended length) a selected group of multiple keyframes

arrow left or page up

Back one frame

arrow right or page down

Forward one frame

shift+arrow left or shift+page up

Back then frames

shift+arrow right or shift+page down

Forward ten frames

home / end

Move to the beginning / to the end of the timeline

shift+home / shift+end

Move to the beginning / to the end of the work area

arrow up

Move to "In" point of the current layer

arrow down

Move to the "Out" point of the current layer

shift+arrow up / shift+arrow down

Back 1 second / Forward 1 second


Return a rotated document to its original orientation

Brush Panel

alt+click brush

Delete brush

Double-click brush

Rename brush

alt+right click+drag left or right

Change brush size

alt+right click+drag up or down

Decrease/increase brush softness/hardness

, (comma) / . (period)

Select previous/next brush size

shift+, (comma) / shift+. (period)

Select first/ Select last brush

caps lock or shift+caps lock

Display precise cross hair for brushes


Toggle airbrush option

Channels Panel

ctrl+3 (red),

ctrl+4 (green),

ctrl+5 (blue)

Select individual channels


Select composite channel

ctrl+click channel thumbnail, or

alt+ctrl+3 (red),

alt+ctrl+4 (green),

alt+ctrl+5 (blue)

Load channel as selection

ctrl+shift+click channel thumbnail.

Add to current selection

ctrl+alt+click channel thumbnail

Subtract from current selection

ctrl+shift+alt+click channel thumbnail

Intersect with current selection

alt+click Save Selection As Channel button

Set options for Save Selection As Channel button

ctrl+click Create New Channel button

Create a new spot channel

shift+click color channel

Select/deselect multiple color-channel selection

shift+click alpha channel


Select/deselect alpha channel and show/hide as a rubylith overlay


Double-click alpha or spot channel thumbnail

Display channel options



Toggle composite and grayscale mask in Quick Mask mode


Clone Source Panel


Show Clone Source (overlays image)

alt+shift+arrow keys

Nudge Clone Source


Rotate Clone Source

alt+shift+[ or ]

Scale (increase or reduce size) Clone Source

Color Panel

alt+click color in color bar

Select background color

Right-click color bar

Display Color Bar menu

shift+click color bar

Cycle through color choices

History Panel

alt+new Snapshot

Create a new snapshot

Double-click snapshot name

Rename snapshot


Step forward through image states


Step backward through image states

alt+click the image state

Duplicate any image state, except the current state

alt+clear History

Permanently clear history (no Undo) in History panel pop-up menu

Info Panel

Click eyedropper icon

Change color readout modes

Click crosshair icon

Change measurement units

Layers Panel

ctrl+click layer thumbnail

Load layer transparency as a selection

ctrl+shift+click layer thumbnail.

Add to current selection

ctrl+alt+click layer thumbnail.

Subtract from current selection

ctrl+shift+alt+click layer thumbnail.

Intersect with current selection

ctrl+click filter mask thumbnail

Load filter mask as a selection


Group layers


Ungroup layers


Create/release clipping mask


Select all layers


Merge visible layers

alt+click New Layer button

Create new empty layer with dialog box

ctrl+click New Layer button

Create new layer below target layer

alt+.. (period)

Select top layer

alt+,, (comma)

Select bottom layer

shift+alt+[ or ]

Add to layer selection in Layers panel

alt+[ or ]

Select next layer down/up

ctrl+[ or ]

Move target layer down/up


Merge a copy of all visible layers into target layer

Highlight layers you want to merge, then ctrl+e

Merge layers

ctrl+shift+[ or ]

Move layer to bottom or top

alt+ Merge Down command from the Panel pop-up menu

Copy current layer to layer below

alt+ Merge Visible command from the Panel pop-up menu

Merge all visible layers to a new layer above the currently selected layer

Right-click the eye icon

Show/hide this layer/layer group only or all layers/layer groups

alt+ click the eye icon

Show/hide all other currently visible layers

/ (forward slash)

Toggle lock transparency for target layer, or last applied lock

Double-click layer effect/style

Edit layer effect/style, options

alt-double-click layer effect/style

Hide layer effect/style

Double-click layer

Edit layer style

shift+click vector mask thumbnail

Disable/enable vector mask

Double-click layer mask thumbnail

Open Layer Mask Display Options dialog box

shift+click layer mask thumbnail

Toggle layer mask on/off

shift+click filter mask thumbnail

Toggle filter mask on/off

alt+click layer mask thumbnail

Toggle between layer mask/composite image

alt+click filter mask thumbnail

Toggle between filter mask/composite image

\ (backslash), or shift+alt+click

Toggle rubylith mode for layer mask on/off

Double-click type layer thumbnail

Select all type; temporarily select Type tool

alt+click the line dividing two layers

Create a clipping mask

Double-click the layer name

Rename layer

Double-click the filter effect

Edit filter settings

Double-click the Filter Blending icon

Edit the Filter Blending options

ctrl+click New Group button

Create new layer group below current layer/layer set

alt+click New Group button

Create new layer group with dialog box

alt+click Add Layer Mask button

Create layer mask that hides all/selection

ctrl+click Add Layer Mask button

Create vector mask that reveals all/path area

ctrl+alt+click Add Layer Mask button

Create vector mask that hides all or displays path area

Right-click layer group and choose Group Properties, or double-click group

Display layer group properties


Select/deselect multiple contiguous layers


Select/deselect multiple discontiguous layers

Layers Comps Panel

alt+click Create New Layer Comp button

Create new layer comp without the New Layer Comp box

Double-click layer comp

Open Layer Comp Options dialog box

Double-click layer comp name

Rename in-line


Select/deselect multiple contiguous layer comps


Select/deselect multiple discontiguous layer comps

Paths Panel

ctrl+click pathname

Load path as selection

ctrl+shift+click pathname

Add path to selection

ctrl+alt+click pathname

Subtract path from selection

ctrl+shift+alt+click pathname

Retain intersection of path as selection


Hide path

alt+click button

Set options for Fill Path with Foreground Color button, Stroke Path with Brush button, Load Path as a Selection button, Make Work Path from Selection button, and Create New Path button

Swatches Panel

Click in empty area of panel

Create new swatch from foreground color

ctrl+click swatch

Set swatch color as background color

alt+click swatch

Delete swatch

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