In this article I am trying to explain Web browser fundamental shortcut keys.

       Shortcut Key


Scroll down a frame

 Space or Page Down

Space or Fn + Down Arrow

Scroll up a frame

Shift + Space or Page Up

 Go to bottom of the page


 Go to top of the page


 Go back

Alt + Left Arrow or Backspace

 Go forward

Alt + Right Arrow or Shift + Backspace

 Refresh a webpage


 Refresh a webpage (no cache)

Ctrl + F5



 Toggle full-screen


 Zoom in

Ctrl + +

 Zoom out

Ctrl + -

 Zoom 100% (default)

Ctrl + 0

 Open homepage

Alt + Home

 Find text

Ctrl + F

 Tab / Window Management                                                                

Open a new tab

Ctrl + T

 Close current tab

Ctrl + W

 Close all tabs

Ctrl + Shift + W

 Close all tabs except the current tab

Ctrl + Alt + F4

Go to next tab

Ctrl + Tab

 Go to previous tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

 Go to a specific tab number

Ctrl + 1-8

 Go to the last tab

Ctrl + 9

 Reopen the last closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + T

 Open a new window

Ctrl + N

 Close current window

Alt + F4

 Go to next window

Alt + Tab

 Go to previous window

Alt + Shift + Tab

 Reopen the last closed window

Ctrl + Shift + N

 Open links in a new tab in the background

Ctrl + Click

 Open links in a new tab in the foreground

Ctrl + Shift + Click

 Print current webpage

Ctrl + P

 Save current webpage

Ctrl + S

 Address Bar

Cycle between toolbar, search bar, and page elements


 Go to browser's address bar

Ctrl + L or Alt + D

 Focus and select the browser's search bar

Ctrl + E

 Open the address bar location in a new tab

Alt + Enter

 Display a list of previously typed addresses



Open the bookmarks menu

Ctrl + B

Add bookmark for current page

Ctrl + D

Open browsing history

Ctrl + H

 Open download history

Ctrl + J


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