12 simple tips for moving easily to a smaller Home

300x200 The move is often a cause of stress. Certainly, there is the excitement of change, but we must also take into account the practical and logistical aspects to anticipate the movement of all your goods. But if there's more worrying than just moving out, it's having to move into a smaller area than what you're occupying.

12 simple tips for moving easily to a smaller Home

After all, moving to a smaller home forces you to consider absolutely everything you have to evaluate what is worth keeping in your new home, so you get rid of the superfluous or leave it at home. furniture storage.

It is at least a real challenge! You need to live in a smaller home because you are older and want to have less maintenance to do? Do you move from the countryside to the city? Or do you aspire to a simpler life? The best team workers of House Removal Guildford have experienced to keep everything adjust also in a small area. Here is the top of our 12 tips to make it as easy as possible.

1 - Visualize your new life

Changing your home is a great adventure. That's exciting. Many of us are considering living in fewer square meters as a nightmare - but many people consider that it can be a very good thing to do - and it's important to know what your new life will involve for you. Think of things like your hobbies or your daily activities, because all of this will help you when you start to decide what to pack and what you do not need anymore.

2 - Get a plan

As soon as you know where you are going to live, make sure you get a detailed plan of the rooms in your new home. Also get the plan of your current home, ideally on the same scale. Visualizing the two spaces in this way will make it easier for you to know which business you need to separate before moving in. This way of proceeding also makes it possible to cut short any feeling of attachment to the objects - because you are more in planning mode than to examine from piece to piece the things which are for you charged with memories. But most kids are attached to home and rooms so you should need to focus on how to prepare your kids for moving.

3 - Objects with sentimental value can be preserved in different ways

Your home often becomes a part of you, with lots of objects related to precious memories and you may find it hard to give up. There will probably be a lot of things that you will not want to waste for their sentimental value (all the trinkets you have collected over the years) but if you were thinking of taking them with you in a different way? Take pictures of clothes, items that interest you or scan your children's drawings. Then create photo albums as souvenir items. These albums are often enough to replace the feeling of possession of things. It's as if you had bought them for real except that they hold in a fraction of space. But when you are going to pack things in boxes then you should avoid some mistakes when packing moving boxes. It’s an exercise that can help you focus on what you think is important and essential to take with you. It can really open your eyes to the objects that ultimately you do not need that much.

12 simple tips for moving easily to a smaller Home

4 - As a rule, which says the reduction of the living space says the reduction of the size of the furniture

Have you ever fallen for a sofa spotted in a showroom, to finally find on delivery that it is too big for your home? The question of scale is important to ensure that one does not clutter his house with oversized furniture. So, if you are currently living in a big house, you may find that your furniture does not fit properly or just does not fit into your new apartment. Consulting your plans will help you decide (take pictures at the scale of each large item and arrange them for your future home plan to see if they fit). It would also be a good opportunity to change the setting by selling your old furniture to buy new ones for your new home. Here are some excellent examples of reductions in the size of the furniture:

• Opt for a loveseat rather than a sofa

• Prefer a folding dining table

• A sofa bed will replace an extra bed for guests

5 - Use multifunctional furniture

In addition to reducing the size of your furniture, you can further optimize your area by using furniture items with built-in storage.

12 simple tips for moving easily to a smaller Home

Some examples:

• A safe bed - Turkish beds can hold so much under their bedsprings that you will wonder how you did without them so far! We can use them for every bed in the house

• A coffee table containing storage

• Use a step with a tray as a coffee table

• A dining table with drawers

• Cubic seats with interior storage

6 - Self-storage is the solution

When you have to reduce your living space, do not be fooled, at some point, it will be necessary to unclutter. You're just not going to be able to put all of what you have in your big house in a small apartment and just be satisfied with the situation.

BUT you still need a number of vital things and these things take up space. That's why there are box rentals and when you live in a studio or a small two-room apartment it's just crucial ideally, the furniture in the right dimension would be perfect because it allows you to estimate the best storage space for rent - but if your means are too limited to consider this option, here are some suggestions:

• Attach hooks to the backs of cabinet doors and doors

• Add additional shelves to cupboards and alcoves, or above entrance doors

• Install a double rail in your wardrobes

7 - Gift your items

If you want to make sure that items you no longer need will find a good buyer, then think about who they could really benefit from. Family members, friends, good works are all ways to consider, but be careful: do not let them take it if you feel they do not want it. The last thing to do is to see people agree to take home your used items by politeness - otherwise, it will just clutter their own home in return.

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