Abnormal Pap Smear During Pregnancy

Nowadays all women didn’t know about the pregnancy much well and a country like India where 80 percent and above people’s are illiterate they don’t know how the whole pregnancy process is so this forums helps people to know about the pregnancy.

Abnormal Pregnancy Symptoms- Time to Call the Doctor

If you have just received the news that you are expecting your first baby, that’s no doubt an exciting news. A lot of physical and emotional changes occur while you go through this roller- coaster ride to fit in to all those.

Can cold sore affect a baby?

Cold sores are something which is also known as fever blisters and they mostly appear on the lip and around the mouth. When this happens the area becomes red, sore and swollen. In fact, the blisters may also break open and then leak the clear fluid.

How Can Cousins Be Siblings

Sometimes one may wonder, what if two identical twin brothers get married to two identical twin sisters? What will happen to their babies? Well, when these types of marriage occur then this marriage is termed as the quaternary marriage. According to


Pregnancy is a very emotional experience. Some women find it difficult to know exact feelings and they are not able to manage themselves. Depression in pregnancy is likely to be common and can have a direct effect on your emotions as well as on your

Interesting aspects about baby kicks when you are pregnant?

With a baby kick monitor you can ascertain a life is present inside you. In your womb there is happiness which would come out any time in the immediate future.

Precautious to exercise after delivery

All those hectic days of switching over to a calendar due date pregnancy are over once a baby in your arms. Now the onus is on you to take care of