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Is Any Specific Reason To Choose Node.js For The Application Development?

Node.js is an open-source cross-platform, based on javascript. It executes the code of javascript outside a browser. In simple words, it connects the scripting language with the help of UNIX network programming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Node JS

Node.js came into the process when the original JavaScript developers extended it from something that could only be done in the browser to something that could be run on your computer as a standalone application. Now you can do much more with JavaSc

How to install Norton Antivirus on your Android Phone..

How install Norton on your android device step by step process:On your Android device, Launch your web browserSearch for Norton.com/setup or simply

Frontend Frameworks to Learn In 2017

Recently, two major advancements were seen in the web platform. They were Web Assembly and Service Workers. They enable the users for fast and performing web applications that bridge the gap with native compiled applications.