Cordova - Vibration

There are times when vibration is needed into the app, such as when back button is pressed, on display of any alert or warning message, etc. This plugin will help you to connect to device's vibration functionality.

Cordova - Best Practices

Apache Cordova is used for creating hybrid mobile apps, so you need to consider this before you choose it for your project. Mobile applications are becoming popular everywhere, from smartphones and tablets, to smart watches...

Cordova - Whitelist

This is perhaps the last plugin left to learn in this Cordova series. The Whitelist plugin allows us to apply whitelist policy for navigation in app. The whitelist plugin is installed and by default applied when you create new Cordova project.

Cordova – Using InAppBrowser

There are links into the app that are sometimes need to be open, to open those links a mobile web browser is needed. A browser only can render the html files, so you have to include the In-app browser during the building of the app.

Apache Cordova - Geolocation

The measurement of the geographical location of an object, such as a mobile phone, or an Internet-connected PC is its Geolocation. Basically, it invol

Cordova - Using Accelerometer

The accelerometer is a built-in structure that manages tilt and motion of a device. It is also capable of detecting rotation and motion gestures such as swinging or shaking.

Cordova – Camera Plugin

There istimes, when you have to use Camera in your app, then for this, you have to integrate it into the app using the Camera Plugin.This plugin is us

Handling Events in App Built Using Apache Cordova

In the series of learning, building apps using Apache Cordova, this article will explain you which events you can use in Cordova and how to use them.T

Apache Cordova- storing Data through Apps

In the series of learning apache Cordova framework using node.js, this article is another step in forward direction that explains the ways to store data in an app.

Creating first Application Using Cordova

Once you have install and setup Cordova into your system, you are ready to build an app .In this post you will learn to create an application using Cordova from scratch.