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How to Power Up Your PC for Optimal Performance?

A PC is a machine first, and machinery becomes laggy and slow with continuous usage. How can you speed up your system and make it run smoothly? Read on...

Top 5 Best Windows Security Tools in 2019

To protect yourself against ransomware and other hacks, be sure to use these top five Windows security tools for 2019.

Try KMSAuto Net to activate Windows and other software's

KMSAuto Net is an amazing and incredible apparatus that can use for Windows and Office initiation in 2019. We realize that Windows or MS Office is not free for everybody.

Windows 10 new release and updates. What comes after this?

Windows10 has been released to the world and it has received a positive response. It will act and perform more like a service from now onwards, because of its automatic regular updating, adding new features and optimizing itself features.

How to Create Windows Control Library and how to use in C#.Net

The Windows Control Library project template is used to create custom controls to use on Windows Forms .In the VS .NET IDE environment, controls can be found by clicking the toolbox icon. Windows controls can be either UI controls like "Edit" , "Labe

Creating and using Windows Forms Control Library in C#.Net

To create User Control in C# select the “Windows Forms Control Library” icon from New Project Dialog Box. Add some controls and add codes for the controls