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Create Log File in C#

In this article, we'll learn about how to create a Log File in C#, and how to create a txt file save the exception on it.

Visual Studio Code Live Sharing | Debug or Edit code with your colleagues via VS Code Live Sharing

Visual Studio Code Live Sharing is a plugin by Visual Studio to collab with your known ones and debug or edit the code in a simplest or coolest way ever.

Creating DLL File in C# with Visual Studio Code | Dyanmic Link Library(DLL)

Dynamic Link Library(DLL) file is a library that contains the predefined functions and codes which can help you to use it directly in your snippets.

Features upgraded in Visual Studio 2012 | 2015 | 2019 Versions

We discussed about some about the coolest features of VS Code which are upgraded from 2012 to latest version, i.e. 2019 version.

Cross-Site Script (XSS) Prevention

Cross-site Scripting is a vulnerability, that’s typically found in web application. XSS enable attackers to inject malicious line of code like script into web pages.

Visual Studio for Mac is out of beta preview, now officially available

On Day one of Microsoft’s Build 2017 conference, finally it was announced that Visual Studio is officially available for download on Mac devices and is out of preview. A rejoicing wave spread among the developers after getting this much awaited news.