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Did you Know These Important Software Testing Trends

All of us are aware of the latest Software Testing Trends of 2018, but most of us know little or less about those technologies backing these QA and CX-defined

Process of Application Development and Deployment

Software development contributes a series of levels for programmers to design computer applications. This manner build up the stages in the software development

Test Case Management: How To Do It Effectively In Jira?

In line with the best practices below, the teams will find it easier to leverage Jira in addition to other test case management tools.

Types Of Software QA Testing Tools & Popular Ones You Should Know About

During and after development, the app goes through a number of checks to ensure that it is as refined as it can be before going live. We are exploring new ways.

How a promising test management tool helps to generate real results

The testing tool is not only limited to find bugs and flaws in the program but also helps to manage the team with a friendly communication environment. The test

Impact of Agile Environment on Test Managers

In conclusion, it is all about people. Investing in the right people with the right skills will get you the results you are looking for Test managers.

What is Functional testing?

Software Quality Assurance Process and Testing is a process to determine whether a website or mobile application and software is behaving the same way

Why Should You Sign Up for Cloud Performance Testing?

With lots of progress happening in the world of computer science, why do you feel the need to stick to old ways of performance testing?

Famous Software Bugs You Must Look Out For in 2020

It is the right time for the coders to realize this and start making work processes better for good and long-lasting results.

What Do You Need to Do to Become a Successful Software Tester?

Testers usually work on teams that develop vendor tools. Today, a lot of software is pushed through DevOps teams, testing, and development.