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How residential schools developed a global approach to learning?

Apart from the regular benefits of a residential school or say a boarding school, the best residential schools in India are getting more inclined towards the

Complete Guide to Choose a Beauty School

People often ask a question that how to choose a beauty school. There are a lot of factors that matters a lot while choosing a beauty school.

Intensiv Englisch lernen - schnell und einfach

Intensiv Englisch lernen - schnell und einfach, Lernen Englisch in 3-6 Tagen mit Lerngarantie. Intensivkurs Englisch mit nur 2-4 Teilnehmern

The Future Focused Learning – The Rundown of Stem Education

The stem is an annual affair where the shareholders, teachers, big businessmen, scholars, entrepreneurs, journalists from all over the world participate. The meeting is all based on future of students.

How ERP software is bringing change in the academic institutions?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planner which is a software that is used by companies, organizations or educational institutions. School ERP software is used for digitizing all operations that are involved in any school management.

Some Nursery Schools In Magarpatta Are Using This New Method Of Teaching

Until not too long ago, most nursery schools in Magarpatta followed the Montessori ways of teaching. It was the most widely accepted and followed way to mold young minds. However, a lot has changed over the last few years, nowadays nursery...

Tips to help you find the best education loan for overseas studies.

Education loans aims at providing financial support to deserving/meritorious students for pursuing higher education in India and abroad.