Check out Time Insights by Google

Check out Time Insights by Google

Since the pandemic has caused huge losses to the world in terms of the workplace, easy solutions need to be rolled out now. A 40-hour per week on-site work has changed to online work, where the work times are even greater. The employees have to spend a lot of time at online meetings or group projects, due to which time management has become a crisis.

The tech-titan, Google, has rolled out a plan to curb this problem. It is going to introduce a new feature called ‘Time Insights’ in Google Calendar, within the next 14 days. In order to get better control over the time that is being spent on meetings and plan the work schedule better, Time Insights is a great catch!


  • It will store and show data on your Calendar to help in planning the schedule
  • Then it would work on breaking down the data, based on your meetings schedule
  • It will have the feature of ‘meeting-heavy days’, ‘time frames’, and ‘meeting frequencies’.
  • It will highlight the ‘key people' based on the time you spend with them so that you could stay in touch with them.
  • The best part about the feature is that all this information would remain confidential to the user/employee & would not be revealed to the manager. This is done to give them control of managing their own priorities.

Check out Time Insights by Google

Picture courtesy: 9to5 Google

Places where it would be available for virtual calls: 

Google Workspace Business Standard, Enterprise Standard, Nonprofits customers, Enterprise Plus, Business Plus, and Education Plus.

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Last updated:9/8/2021 11:27:40 PM
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