Valuable Tips to Set Up a Wireless Range Extender

In today’s world of wireless technology, WiFi network allows computers equipped with wireless adapters to unite two wireless networks at the same time. On the other hand, WiFi (wireless) signals only travel for a limited distance, and also restraining/ limiting the entire coverage area of a network. In order to get rid of such process of such problems, switch to a range extender. Not only this, range extender picks up the existing wireless signals and broadcasts it beyond the range of the wireless router. To complete the process of Netgear Extender Setup visit

Mywifiext is that website, which you can trust and leave all your issues that are related to your existing router and brand new extender setup. Also, remember while login you might receive an error message like “unable to connect” or “page not found”. This is only because is a local web address that is useful for opening the settings of a WiFi Range Extender. In that case, what are you supposed to do, take your computer closer to the range extender, connect them both physically and properly with the help of an Ethernet cable. Setup: Troubleshoot against error issues

1. Place your router at the center location of the house and range extender closer to the existing router. Both of them are supposed to be properly plugged in. When both of your smart devices are properly plugged in, you will see that the LED lights on your devices start blinking.

2. Your extender and the router supposed to be away from public WiFi, mirrors, walls, metal appliances like microwaves, electronic gadgets like baby monitors and toys.

3. Now, take your computer and connect it with your range extender. Open your computer and in the task bar you see a WiFi icon. We need you to click on that.

4. Similarly, you may see various network names including Netgear.ext hit it and launch a web browser. Now, you can see an address bar on the very top of the web browser, Right? Go to it and type Hit enter.

5. Hope you have Mywifiext Password. If not, don’t delay to ask our customer care executive on toll-free number 1-888-927-2661.

Note: For Mywifiext Login, it is very essential to have default details of username and password with you.

6. It will now search for a network name and gives you the list of wireless networks that are active within the range. You have to select the network name of your main router followed by “next”. Now, what you have to do, enter the password of your existing network of the wireless router and then click “next”.

Note: We hope that you have changed the default details of network name and password. If not, consider changing it as soon as possible.

Few words about local

Well, as we have discussed with you before that mywifiext login is just the local website used for completing the process of Netgear extender setup. Moreover, not only brand new range extender is enough for extending the reach of the existing WiFi network to the far corner of the house. An updated firmware of router and the modem is also important. Also, remember that router is an essential element linked to your WiFi networking system, without it you can never be able to configure your range extender. We do insist to look the following.

• Do not hide your router in cabinet or back of any device. Never let your router be overheated. Do not load it from downloading malicious files.

• Clean it with a dry piece of cloth thrice a week.

• The antennas of the router supposed to be in proper vertical position.

• Place it in a higher ground, not under the desk of wireless computer or loaded stuff.

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