A Beginners Guide to Become an Expert Software Developer

We are living in an era where developers and programmers are highly in demand. Every other marketer is indulging in getting either mobile apps prepared or a responsive website developed by an expert.

Virtual Reality App Development And The Opportunity It Presents For Your Business

As mobile technology continues to break new boundaries and set new records on a daily basis, Virtual Reality is fast becoming a reality. For many industries and business including health, Hospitality, Education, Transportation, Manufacturing, etc.

Native Mobile Development: Is It Going To Die?

There is always a lot of confusion about the future of mobile development, especially the difference between native and hybrid mobile development.

Digital Transformation: Offers Opportunities for Your Business

To an average person, Enterprise software may not sound exciting, it may get so many founders and investors excited when the total annual revenue is projected to reach $438 billion dollars in the next three years.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast. AMP in action consists of three different parts: AMP HTML: AMP HTML is basically HTML extended with custom AMP properties.

Google's New Mobile OS: FUCHSIA

A new open source operating system called "Fuchsia" has been developing by Google for smartphones, tablets and other devices, which could be unveiled as early as this summer. Since it first came to light last year, very less has been revealed about.

Cordova - Vibration

There are times when vibration is needed into the app, such as when back button is pressed, on display of any alert or warning message, etc. This plugin will help you to connect to device's vibration functionality.

Cordova - Best Practices

Apache Cordova is used for creating hybrid mobile apps, so you need to consider this before you choose it for your project. Mobile applications are becoming popular everywhere, from smartphones and tablets, to smart watches...

Cordova - Whitelist

The Whitelist plugin allows us to apply whitelist policy for navigation in app. The whitelist plugin is installed and by default applied when you create new Cordova project.

Cordova - Splash Screen

This plugin is used to display splash screen on application launch.

Cordova - Network Information

This plugin provides information about device's network.

Cordova - Media

If you are building an app for a media website which has audio or video files to play, then you have to include the media player that will play all the multimedia files. Also it will be able to record the videos using native camera.

Cordova – Using InAppBrowser

There are links into the app that are sometimes need to be open, to open those links a mobile web browser is needed. A browser only can render the html files, so you have to include the In-app browser during the building of the app.

Apache Cordova- Globalization

The measurement of the geographical location of an object, such as a mobile phone, or an Internet-connected PC is its Geolocation. Basically.

Apache Cordova - Geolocation

The measurement of the geographical location of an object, such as a mobile phone, or an Internet-connected PC is its Geolocation.

Cordova- Dialog Plugin

This plugin will call platform native dialog UI element.To install this plugin, open the command prompt window and type the following line of code:

Cordova - File System

There are times when you have to use or manipulate file system manager through the app. You can integrate the file system into your app using the file System plugin in apache Cordova.

Cordova – Using Compass for Device Orientation

The smartphones have a built in small component called magnetometer, which can measure the Earth’s magnetic field.

Cordova - Using Accelerometer

The accelerometer is a built-in structure that manages tilt and motion of a device. It is also capable of detecting rotation and motion gestures such as swinging or shaking.

Cordova- Using Contacts in Your App

It is sometimes essential to use the contacts through the mobile app. You have to search for the contacts in the Contacts database. Apache Cordova has a plugin to get this task completed. This plugin is used for accessing the device contacts database

Cordova – Displaying Device Info

When you are building an app that demands to check the information about the device, then you can integrate this plugin and make your work done

Cordova – Camera Plugin

There is times, when you have to use Camera in your app, then for this, you have to integrate it into the app using the Camera Plugin.

Cordova - Battery Plugin

This Cordova plugin allows monitoring of battery status of the device. It will monitor and show each change that occurs when the battery is being used.

Cordova - Plugman

Plugins are very essential part of an app building framework. You can add several unique features to your app. To have plugins, it’s also not an easy task to manage all the plugging. So, to install and manage plugins, Cordova provides Plugman

Handling Events in App Built Using Apache Cordova

In the series of learning, building apps using Apache Cordova, this article will explain you which events you can use in Cordova and how to use them.


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