Threads in Java

A thread is a lightweight independent process.

Get Started with Android Programming in Windows

To start with the programming in Android, we have to setup environment and which requires software that is as follow as

Android Basics

Android is open source Linux based operating system which was developed by Google Inc. and Later, it was adopted by Open Handset Alliances ,led by google and companies.

Switching from Java to Big Data/Hadoop Career: The Whys and Hows

Once in a while, there may come a feeling that you are stuck in the same job profile and living a monotonous professional life. This generally leads to the realization that a change in your profile is much needed.

Final keyword in java

It can be used to define final class, final method, final fields and final variable. It can be used in many context in java. Final keyword perform a important role in java programming. Its provide facility to change a variable into constant(final variable),whose value never changed.

Introduction to Abstraction in java

Abstraction means show functionality and hide complexity. In object oriented programming functionality should be shown to user but complexity (code of the function) should be hidden for the user.


Use of Access specifiers

Its also provide a path to control the visibility of members like classes, variables and methods. Access specifiers is used for classes, constructor, variable, and method.


Calculator using Ext Js and Javascripts

Here are the steps to create a simple calculator using Ext Js and JavaScript which can evaluate simple arithmetic on integer numbers. Two types of inputs text and button are used here on a table within a form element and button Handlers was used to i

Access specifier and modifier in java

Program which contains private specifier for specific function or class or datatype, it can be accessible only for that class or function. It is not accessible by other class or assemblies.


Comparison of java

As java and c# is the advance version of C . So, most of the syntax is same as C . But there is some variation which we are dealing in this article.


Loop in JavaScript

The loop initialization is the first part where we initialize our counter to a starting value. The initialization is executed before the loop begins.

JavaScript Functions

A function is defined as a group of code which can be called anywhere. This eliminates the need of writing the same code again and again. Functions enable a programmer to divide a program into a number of small functions.

Decision Making In JavaScript

if statement is the statement that enables JavaScript to make decisions and execute statements only if condition is true.

JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript is an easy-to-use programming language of HTML and the web. This language increases the dynamic and interactive features of web page by allowing you to check forms, perform calculation, add special effects, create security passwords, writes interactive games, customized graphics selection and many more.

Annotations in Java: Why we use Annotations?

One of the major goals of any IDE such as NetBeans or Eclipse is to enhance ease of development. The IDE generally provides the boilerplate code for many types of applications so that the developer can focus on the core functionality of the applicati


Java I/O: Input and Output Streams

One of the important set of classes comprised in Java API is the package. This is one of the core packages of the Java language and was a part of JDK 1.0.


Java I/O: The PushbackInputStream Class (Print Calculator Utility)

The PushbackInputStream class comes under the category of FilterInputStream classes.

Autoboxing and Wrapper Classes in Java

J2SE 5.0 introduced a new feature called autoboxing and unboxing that automatically converts between the primitive data types and their wrapper classes. To understand this feature and appreciate its importance, we need to understand the previously us


Java I/O: Live Data Application

We will now discuss the LiveData program mentioned earlier to illustrate the use of these classes. But before that lets see the case of NYSE and NASDAQ once again from previous post:

Java I/O: The Byte-Oriented Stream Classes

As we can see from I/O class hierarchy diagram below, there are several more classes in this category. Although it is not possible to cover all these classes all together, we will look at how to use some of them in practical situations so that we are able to use the rest in our applications.

Java I/O: Reading/Writing Objects -Serialization

The Java I/O library provides classes that allow us to read or write a user-defined object from or to a stream. The two classes:

Java I/O: Accessing the Host File System

Here we discuss another important class in the I/O package. The class provides an abstract representation of a file or directory on the host file system.


Java I/O: File Concatenation

The File Concatenation program, as the name suggests, concatenates the contents of a given number of files. We specify the files on the command line as a variable argument list.

Java I/O: The Line Count Program

The Line Count program counts the number of lines in the specified text file. Java provides a class called LineNumberReader for this purpose. The LineNumberReader class wraps the BufferedReader class, which in turn wraps the Reader class.

Java I/O: File Viewer Utility

Let’s write a utility called File Viewer that accepts the name of a character file on the command line and displays its contents to the user console.



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