Cortana is one of the most sophisticated virtual assistant created and designed by Microsoft Corporation.

Windows 10 System Requirements and Features

If you are thinking of upgrading your personal computer or a tablet from its older version to the latest release of operating system, Windows 10, then here is the minimum hardware requirement that you’ll be needing.

Windows 10 new release and updates. What comes after this?

Windows10 has been released to the world and it has received a positive response. It will act and perform more like a service from now onwards, because of its automatic regular updating, adding new features and optimizing itself features.

Windows 10 Mobile

After launching Windows 10 for PC, Microsoft is going to launch Windows 10 for its windows mobile phones also.

Calculator in WCF

In this article, I’m create a Calculator using WCF.

Windows Service in .Net

Windows service is a long-running executable that performs specific functions and it is designed not to require user intervention.

Windows Service

Windows services don’t have any user interface, when we want to create any long running code we create windows services which runs in background.

Windows Service to update record from one database to another after certain interval of time

This service will update records from one database (db1) to another database (db2) Before creating this application we need two databases. Here I’ve named them “db1” and “db2”.


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