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  • BIS Certification for Import of IT and Electronic Products

    BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme is being operated under tBureau of Indian standards which is aimed at providing support to the rapidly expanding sectors of IT and electronics and also protecting the domestic Indian consumers from being exploited....

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  • It is very simple and simple to make yourself a homemade matt nail polish. There are several techniques that exist, so, let's see some of them....

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  • Check Out The Positive Formulyst Reviews & Its Popularity

    Formulyst has a huge array of products that you can pick and choose from, so why not be aware of what the users are saying? These products are all created and tested by dermatologists, which means they are the highest quality ones that you can get....

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  • Exploring your horizons with Ayurveda treatment

    Ayurveda is an ancient medicine form which had its roots in India. Use of nutrients, medication along with exercise ensures optimum health of an individual. Combination of certain nutrients with supplements would be of help if you are dealing with a...

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  • Health benefits associated with Ayurveda

    Having its traces of origin around 5000 years back Ayurveda remains to be one of the oldest medicine forms. A holistic form of medicine you can translate it to live knowledge...

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    Scars heal when there are moisturizing and soothing properties present in your treatment. Aloe Vera contains these two to say the least. The cancer prevention agents in aloe Vera decrease swelling and redness, while its normal astringent expels over...

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  • Microsoft Unveils Real-Time AI for Azure

    Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a new deep learning acceleration platform designed for real-time artificial intelligence, codenamed "Project Brainwave," at Hot Chips 2017....

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  • 8 Free Data Visualization Tools

    Data seem to be boring, but not for all the time. Adding attractive form of visual appeal to raw data can make it easily comprehensible and instantly understandable....

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  • 5 Up-and-Coming Programming Languages to Know About

    Staying current in the programming field can sometimes make you feel like the first cloud to rain. You’re a master at Ruby on Rails or any other language? Great, but how are you with statistical analysis in R? Want to work at Google? Read this....

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