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MacOS comes along with a piece of software called FUSE and many do not seem to be aware of its purpose. So what is FUSE?

When working with a great number of files a good file management software is a must as it intends to make your life easier and to save the time.

Compression can be very useful when sending several files via email in order not to exceed the attachment size limit or sending files to the remote server, etc.

Want to know how to make Mac search faster and easier when searching for specific file type or file format match? In this article we will highlight such popular questions as “How to find files on a Mac?” and “Standard ways of search on Mac”. So, let

This Mac process monitor app allows viewing all active processes as well as find additional information and killing any processes no matter if they are system or not.

If you are a MacBook Pro owner and have the latest version of the MacBook, you would notice that your device support the type c USB hub and have all kinds of latest features added to it.

Mac OS is an operating system that is designed for the apple Macintosh computers, it is developed by a U.S based company apple Inc. The macOS only runs on Apple Desktop and Laptop computers, and they have another operating system known as iOS...

On Day one of Microsoft’s Build 2017 conference, finally it was announced that Visual Studio is officially available for download on Mac devices and is out of preview. A rejoicing wave spread among the developers after getting this much awaited news.