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  • Youth Month in South Africa, and what better time to think about one of the most important life skills young people need. In 2014, the Money Advice Service (MAS) in Britain conducted a study with young people between the ages of 16 and 29. It wanted...

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  • August in South Africa is all about women. It is therefore most appropriate that YFN’s blog post is courtesy of one of our country’s female financial gurus. Mapalo Makhu holds a Bcom Finance degree and a post-graduate diploma in financial planning,...

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  • What To Know About Personal Loans For Bad Credit

    Personal loan is one of the most viable options for people which allows them to meet their varied requirements such as paying for the charges of hospitalisation, the education fees, and obtaining money for business....

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  • Why should you pawn a car?

    You may not qualify for a loan each time you need cash. A bank can offer loans up to a specific limit. This condition makes you look for other options in desperate situations....

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  • Interest rates for personal loans given above are indicative in nature. It is based on periodic market research conducted by Apnaloan Research Bureau. To enable the comparisons certain set of data has been reorganized / restructured / tabulated....

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  • How to Get a Two-Wheeler Loan

    Ever since the day you learned to ride a motorbike, you would have dreamt of the day of owning one. And from that day onwards you would have researched, shortlisted and finally arrived on one, your dream bike. However, as in most cases....

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  • Importance of Calculating EMI Before Buying Personal Loan

    EMIs are the most integral part of a loan. They need to be paid every month until the end of the loan tenure. Owing to this importance, borrowers need to calculate the EMI before availing the loan. EMIs calculated easily using EMI calculator....

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  • This article will guide you through the securities you need while taking a loan from online sources. My real life experience will be an asset for you to lend money....

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  • How Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed Solve Problems

    The industry experts of the treats the curses of bad credit history with the most relevant financial solutions. The products like guaranteed loans for unemployed is one of those escape plans....

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  • Here’s how You can Avail Loan Against Mutual Funds

    Emergencies, especially financial urgencies won’t strike before intimating you in advance. You may get stuck in a situation that may demand an urgent flow of money. At that time, our investments can be very fruitful for us like mutual funds....

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