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  • YARN  the Apache Hadoop Resource Manager

    The open source framework is, therefore, free and relies on standard machines to store large amounts of data. Finally, it is possible to adapt the system to support more data by simply adding nodes. The required administration is minimal....

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  • It is no advanced science that a career in Hadoop is fulfilling. Would like to have a quickened and compensating profession in Hadoop?...

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  • Skills that matter- Hadoop

    The world around us is changing. Traditional approaches of doing business are giving way to modern methods. Most of the transactions that take place today are over the internet and ecommerce has slowly risen to prominence....

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  • It has become a known fact that big data has been hogging the limelight in many sectors in the recent times. Such is the powerfulness of big data that 79% of executives feel that companies may lose their competitive position and might even end up in extinction if they do not embrace big data, according to a study by Accenture....

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  • Zookeeper enables coordination and synchronization with what we calls “znodes”, which are presented as a directory tree and resemble the file path names we would see in a Unix file system....

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  • As we might have guessed, the Google’s BigTable distributed data storage system(DDSS) was designed to meet the demands of big data. Now, big data applications store massive amount of data but big data content is also often variable....

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  • I think everybody remember his first surfing experience on the World Wide Web,; we just knew that it was an incredible innovation for the IT industry....

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  • Big Data: CAP Theorem

    Selecting a database which fits in our application requirement is a very daunting task since “no one size fits all”....

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  • Developers and Programmers are still continue to explore various approaches to leverage the distributed computation benefits of MapReduce and the almost limitless storage capabilities of HDFS in intuitive manner that can be exploited by R....

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  • MapReduce API has two main classes which do the Map-Reduce task for us: Mapper class and Reducer class....

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  • Simple” often sense as “elegant” when it comes to those remarkable architectural drawings for that new Silicon Valley mansion we have planned for when the money starts rolling in after we implement Hadoop....

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