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  • This Is Your Brain on Why Data Science

    Data science is about using data in order to gain new insights that you would otherwise have missed. As an example, using data science, clinics can identify patients who are likely to not show up for an appointment....

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  • 7 Ways to Use Big Data in Employee Training

    Data is growing in importance in today’s business landscape. Companies have realized how much insight there is to gain if data is properly collected and analyzed. Big data, in particular, has taken center stage....

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  • How Big Data Impacts SEO

    Big data is an umbrella term for all types of data created daily. Big data has already disrupted different industries, providing us with better insights into our markets and helping us make wiser business moves. One of these fields is definitely SEO...

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  • YARN  the Apache Hadoop Resource Manager

    The open source framework is, therefore, free and relies on standard machines to store large amounts of data. Finally, it is possible to adapt the system to support more data by simply adding nodes. The required administration is minimal....

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  • Why is Big Data Analytics so important today?

    Malaysia had a positive approach towards big data from an early stage. With the help of the governments multiple initiatives Malaysia has been able to embrace and utilize big data analytics to boost its digital economy....

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