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Why Switching To HTTPS Is Crucial For SEO Ranking and More

When Google highlighted the importance of switching to HTTPS at it’s I/O conference in 2014, pushing for it’s aim for a ‘secure search’ in future, much was debated over this issue, especially among the small and medium businesses.

By Ashish srivastava posted   2 months ago


A myth is prevailing in the content marketing industry that posting content as a guest blogger on a blog to improve the ranking of your website isn’t a good strategy. To be frank, this is true somehow under some conditions.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   3 months ago

Obsessive Rank Tracking Of Your Website May a Problem

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often focused on getting high rankings on search results pages. But this mindset may get us on a wrong path. Lets take a look WHY?

By Allen Scott posted   4 months ago

How To Select SEO Friendly Domain Names For Your New Website?

Are you thinking of doing a business through internet? Or Want to expand your business through a website? Or just like to start your own blog? An e-commerce portal.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   4 months ago

Google Algorithms- Why So Important

Finding useful and informative content on the ­World Wide Web is something that many of us take for granted.


The Chinese Search Engine giant Baidu launched Mobile Instant Page MIP, a similar technology to Google’s AMP.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing a website for a good search engine ranking. It is a technique that is used for designing and developing a website in such a way to rank well in search engine results.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   4 months ago


Like any other writings, writing a blog is also a skill to have, and an art to possess. You should always write an alluring texts after forming a basic structure of your copy.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   4 months ago


Today is the time of inventions, with the use of new technologies, we have come up to a high level of automation, that we also made learning to machines to work somehow as humans. This is possible with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   4 months ago


Search engine optimization is the method increasing the visibility of a web page or a website in a natural manner on any search engine without subscribing to the paid services.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   4 months ago

Things to know about Alexa ranking

Be clear about Alexa rank Alexa.com an Amazon company ranks every website and blog based on parameters like the amount of traffic a website receives. The reputation and the popularity of the website / blog are measured based on Alexa ranking.

“Mobile-friendly” Label to be Removed from Google’s Search Results

Google today declare two updates to mobile search results: an esthetic one rolling out now and an algorithmic one coming next year. The past consists of removing the “mobile-friendly” label in google search results and the latter will penalize mobile

By zack mathews posted   11 months ago

Latest Checklist to Make Better Ecommerce Website for Your Business

A website should have friendly URL that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of the webpage. This type of URL gives benefits in two ways in two ways. It can help visitors remember the Web address. It can help describe the page to search engines.

By MYQSOFT Infotech posted   one year ago


If we talk about SEO, we come across the concept "Backlink" at least once. Backlinks are links that are directed towards our website

Importance of Keywords in SEO

With the help of proper keyword & we will get more search engine traffic.9 out of 10 online users make use of search engines to look for information.

URL Canonicalization Technique

Google search engine wasn’t the first search engine that surfaced on the internet. But google did things in a batter way and provided results that very that were actually useful.

Benefits of Google Custom Search

It is powered by google search algorithms- Which are the best search algorithms. Results produced are relevant to the query.

SEO- Article Submission

Article Submission is important part in SEO. It is one of the best way to promote a website and good chances to increase visitors. I love to post on Ezine article which is a popular and authority website.

SEO Services in India

Search engine optimization is essential, especially now that many companies are starting to observe the significance of having an online presence so that you can endorse your services and products to majority of audience.

Alexa ranking

Alexa is an organization that analyzes traffic using their own techniques and algorithms.

SEO Effects On Online Web Industry

SEO is playing an important role in bringing the visitors to the website and all the companies are spending a huge sum in SEO & Online website industry is growing day by day.

Role of Robot.Txt

Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct robots how to crawl and index pages on their website.

SEO Glossary

Mind Stick SEO glossary of SEO terms is essential reading to help you better understand search engine marketing make the most out of your website.

Article Submission Process

Article submission is a powerful platform that contributes to driving traffic to our website.

Directory Submission Process

Directory Submission provides high quality backlinks We can use a desired keyword

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