‘Why your business needs a mobile app and why you need a mobile application development company’ is a frequently asked and answered question on the web, but none has tried to convince an eCommerce through distinctly different ways and with an effective presentation that I did with the current post.

Should You Rely On An App for Your Ecommerce Business? Why & How


We Often Encounter a Big Question

Today the web is full of answers to a big question, “Why an eCommerce/Online Business Needs a Mobile App?” Unfortunately, everybody starts the answer with a list of reasons, simply describing the benefits of a mobile app to an online business in very typical and copy-cat manner. None takes pains to dig up to the roots of the question.

So, let’s take those pains.

It is an Ancient Question

Yes, it is. Because, the same question was being asked, albeit in different contexts.

“Why your business needs printing the marketing material? “

“Why your business needs a website?” & Now!

Benefits of a Mobile App for Your Business

When you think of unveiling a mobile app for your online business, you mean too many things at a time. For instance,

• You give your business a visibility

• You are doing your branding

• You give your prospective customers access to your virtual shop simulating the real world shop and providing real products/services

• Your app provides an elegant shopping experience that unique in itself because it is virtual and on virtual space

• You save your customers from leaving their present location at all, hence time in traveling & fuel/fares to reach the physical shop

• Virtual payment cut the risks of protecting cash all the times when the bulk purchases involved in multiple shops/locations

Apart from these frequently churned reasons, the most important insight is that -

“Mobile is a vehicle for marketing the business, & just a media to carry your professional messages.”

The Print Era 

In ancient times, businesses have only physical existence, and print/writing on paper or clothes/leaves like Medias were serving the most of purposes listed above. Thus, it was a print era.

Onset of the Web Era

With the advent of the web and digital technologies, the target of the same question becomes the website/web application or the web presence.

Now, on the evolution track, we are entering into mobile era along with the fossils (Sorry, the majority of specimens still living and effective too) of print and the web era.

Mobiles combine two ancient eras in a single form. Did you get it? No problem, let me Brush the Dust.

Mobile is a digital device, and when not connected to the Internet or any cellular connect, it becomes a digital paper and provides content consumption facilities, albeit it is through an app. Of course, it is not much with a browser cache, which keeps data for only a single page or pages loaded previously!

Thus, mobile garners all benefits of print media when used offline. In the case of connected conditions, it has decent and advanced browser options to bring the web era live at any moment.

Of course, mobiles have one distinct advantage over both the previous eras, and it is ‘Mobility’ aside from Interactivity and Integrations of upcoming technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and many more things in the same line.

Do You Love to Enter into Mobile Era?

Now, it is up to you to decide that whether you want to stay in fading eras of print and the web or would like to march ahead by keeping the pace with ever-changing time and technology world. Of course, nobody loves to be an extinct bird, so you also would like to have a mobile application/presence for your business, organization, or profession.

After these simple dame insights, I would like to carry the journey of your thoughts ahead and let you put in the saddle of mobile apps.

In due course, you should look at the next question, “how could we have a mobile app that can grant us most of the typical benefits listed on the web as well as something special for your business and its goals?”

The right answer to this question leads us to think of mobile app development, of course, with an ideal Mobile App Development Company that can turn your expectations associated with the mobile app.

Whether Your Investment in Mobile App Development Proves Worthy?

However, you still in doubt that how a big investment in mobile app development is worthy or making sense, the following data can convince you completely.

The recent statistic publishes on the web favor the onset of mobile era and need of a mobile app besides the mobile-friendly website or eCommerce store.

• The number of mobile devices holders has exceeded the number of desktop and other digital gadgets used in information technologies through the Internet in 2010-11.

• More than two-thirds of the USA citizens are addictive to mobile devices and check the devices at least once within an hour. It is overwhelming in the history of any media/device/vehicle usage.

• More than 30% online buying takes place through mobile devices.

• Mobile users likely spend their 90% of the time on the apps rather than surfing the web.

Should You Rely On An App for Your Ecommerce Business? Why & How

The given facts above clearly indicate that your investment in mobile app development is worthy and full of prospects to get a decent return over the time.

How Investment in Mobile App Development Proves Worthy?

Out of many routes, the following ways may prove beneficial for your business that can come through mobile app development, such as

By Expanding the Reach of Business

The modern and advanced mobile app for a business can expand the reach of business up to more customers than any other media or marketing channel do. Your reach becomes effective when your mobile app has features and functionality to use social media network integrations, push notifications, and location-based services.

By Enhancing Conversion Rate

Do you have experiences with selling in a physical store? You might have noticed the behavior of merchant and the staff in the shop as well as customers when step-in the store.

Salespeople greet the shoppers with warm welcome speech, gestures, and other signs to win the first impression of the business and its people. They ask shoppers for their shopping needs and draw swiftly to the areas where it all available. Afterwards, gently describe the products adding sales speech/flavor in it and try to convince them to buy it by implementing sales techniques including marketing incentives.

Yes, I have depicted real-world scenario translating for an e-commerce business. It all in terms of user experiences and conversion optimization techniques in short & simple way. Do you love to implement all?

If yes, think of e-commerce app design (Just like you did for your mobile-friendly website) and mobile app UX design as well as conversion optimization tactics that possible for your business through an app.

By Getting Ranks in SERPs

You might wonder, “I am here talking about a mobile app and how Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) came into way?” but don’t worry now the web and mobile traffic is not a separate thing for the search engines and even for the eCommerce developers. Let’ see how it is?

The latest algorithms and indexing technologies have gain capacities to travel through the mobile content, whether it is a website through mobile browsers or within the mobile app. Thus, if your mobile app is associated with your eCommerce site, you can get these benefits exclusively.

Of course, you have two ways to associate your mobile app with a site, the first is the name of the business with the domain (URL of the site), and the second is the direct integration of mobile back-end with the back-end of the e-commerce site.

Yes, the solid database association is possible with the advancement of programming technologies and APIs. It also makes your mobile app cost-effective as you save money spent on two different databases and sync between two different entities, web & mobile.


Undoubtedly, I can list many reasons in general terms to convince you to have a mobile app, but what about your internal nuances associated with the uniqueness of your business and its niche?

It is the team of mobile app consultants and developers resides and flourishing in the premises of SysBunny which can listen to you and take care of your business causes just like a business partner that does after a big investment.

Let’s chat to trigger a button of flawless conversations over the web.

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