Mutual Funds In India: Best MF To Buy In 2017

Mutual Funds are a great way to get involved in the equities and debt market without bearing the active load of it alone. There are many mutual funds in India that can leave investors confused and at a loss.

Here are some of the best Mutual Fund Investment Plans as of 2017:

ICICI Prudential Focused Blue-Chip Equity Fund

A large-cap category mutual fund in India, this scheme was started on 23rd May 2008. This is an open-ended mutual fund and can be availed by any prospective investor at any time.

The scheme allows investors achieve growth by getting their money involved in a myriad of leading blue-chip companies. With low risks involved, a turnover of 16% in 3 years, and a minimum application amount of only Rs. 5000, this scheme is one of the most sought-after mutual fund investment plan in India.

L & T Value Fund

This is a diversified equity fund that came about due to a merger between the L& T Indo Asia Fund and The L & T India Value fund in 2015. It had originally commenced in the year 2010. The percentage returns for both three years and five years are comparatively high. They stand at 31% and 25% respectively.

The primary objective of this Mutual Fund In India is to generate a capital appreciation for a long term. It is also an open-ended mutual fund and is gaining much popularity as one of the best mutual funds in India.

SBI Blue-Chip Fund

With a low risk, high return, and a trusted brand, the SBI Blue-Chip Fund is a safe harbour of mutual funds in India.  The balanced fund scheme by SBI allows investors exposure to both the equities and debt market.

An efficient fund manager is responsible for striking the balancing chord between equity investment and debt investment. This mutual fund plan falls under the category of large-cap funds and was started in the year 2006. The three year return percentage stands at 20%.

HDFC Balanced Fund

The HDFC Balanced Fund was started on 11th September 2001. It is an Equity-Balanced Scheme with two kinds of plans enclosing both dividend option as well as growth option

·         The Existing Plan

·         The Direct Plan

This Mutual Fund Scheme has been specially launched for those investors who seek a capital appreciation simultaneously with their current income on a long-term basis. It is also suitable for those that wish to invest in equities and other equity related instruments. The minimum application amount for this mutual fund in India also stands at Rs. 5000.

Birla Sun Life Tax Plan 

The Aditya Birla Mutual Fund Scheme aims at offering investment benefits to customers even with their limited resources, time, and market knowledge. This is one of the Mutual Funds in India that has been curated for tax saving while benefiting from wealth creation and personal savings.

The Birla Sun Life Tax Plan falls under the category of ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme. Therefore, according to Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, this mutual fund investment scheme in India is exempted from Income taxes.

UTI Mid Cap Fund

The UTI Mid Cap Fund is an open-ended Mutual Fund Scheme that was incepted in 2004. It is a retail investment plan with a current fund size of Rs. 3816.17 Crores.

With an above average return trend and a turnover of 31% in three years, this Mutual Fund Scheme in India has rapidly gained momentum. As of September 30th, 2017, there are 356801 investors associated with this mutual fund plan. The minimum investment sun with this plan too stands at Rs. 5000.  

Axis Long Term Equity Fund

This is also an Equity Linked Savings Scheme that has been received marvellously by investors. With a minimal lock-in period of 3 years, this has been one of the most popular mutual fund plans in India for 2017. 

Since it as an ELSS fund, it also guarantees tax savings under section 80 C. The company has quite deservedly achieved a growth of Rs. 10,000 since it's Mutual Fund Investments Inception in India. The risk involved with this mutual fund is low accompanied by a high return rate. 

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