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3 Ways IoT Will Make Warehouses More Efficient

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network made up of physical objects competent enough to gather and share electronic data.

How Was The Year 2019 For The Internet Of Things?

Internet of things has taken the world by storm, and if you do not know it, your life as well. Just sit and think for a second how many IoT applicat

The Impact of AI on Taxi Dispatch Systems

This post will explain the different ways how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the taxi dispatch system and help the taxi business to improve business efficiency.

Fleet Safety is Easy to Achieve with IoT

Transportation is the one industry/sector that holds the maximum employees across the globe. If government statistics are to be believed, the tra

Fleet Management Issues and How IoT Solves Them

Just how one cannot keep honey bees away from flowers, similarly, challenges always surround fleet managers. Forever stuck in the clutches of diffic

Is IoT the New Game Changer for the Mining Industry?

The industries across the world are coming as one to uplift the global society. This serves a better lifestyle to the human race! With the ever-incr

Leveraging IoT Technology to Fortify iOS App Development

 In the year 2017, Apple iPhone revolutionized computing. Simply, explore the Apple or Android store, you will find 1000s of applications serving di

Internet of things and its impact on The Construction Industry

The Internet of Things has brought a revolution in almost every sector. More people are getting connected to the Internet. This has contributed immensely to the increase in innovations in the technological world.

Digital Infrastructure and its Benefits

With the advancement in technology, digital systems are transforming at a rapid pace due to which the traditional IT practices are also changing rapidly. The demands for IT are changing as the global economy is becoming more competitive.

What is the future of Big Data in Real Estate Sector?

Big Data technologies are being used by almost every industry and its adoption is increasing day by day. This article is to discuss the effect of Big Data on the real estate sector or to discuss how Big Data is affecting the real estate.

Conversational Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

It is no surprise that marketing is one of the most difficult tasks for any business to execute. Moreover, in most cases, small or medium businesses just don’t have the budget to assign to marketing channels.